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Popular EDF Blue fixed energy plan relaunches

The EDF Blue + Price Promise will relaunch today, but is the plan still competitive in a vastly changed market?

The EDF Blue + Price Promise, which disappeared on the 29 October along with several other fixed priced plans, has now reappeared in a slightly different guise.

It launches as the second-cheapest fixed plan on the market at £1,182 for the average use.

Despite the supplier’s recent price rise, the cheapest plan available is still OVO Energy’s New Energy Fixed costing £1,172, . However, unlike OVO’s plan, the EDF plan has no exit penalties.

The new Blue + Price Promise offers fixed rates until 30 June 2014 and has no cancellation fee. It also comes with EDF’s price promise whereby they will tell customers if a plan is released that is more than £1 per week cheaper for the average medium user.

‘A welcome and timely return’

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch said:“This is a welcome and timely return. EDF Energy’s Blue + Price Promise Plan was popular because it offered a competitive price, protected you from future price rises and had no exit penalties which meant you were free to move on should something better come onto the market. Thankfully the plan is back on the market and EDF Energy has kept to the winning formula.

“At £1,182 a year, the new Blue Plus plan is £10 a year more expensive than the cheapest fixed price plan – Ovo’s New Energy Fixed. However, Ovo’s plan carries an exit penalty, and only guarantees your prices for 12 months from going live.

“The EDF Blue plan is also £128 a year more expensive than the cheapest plan on the market – First Utility’s iSave v12. However, this plan isn’t fixed so prices could go up in the future and it has an exit fee of £30 for each fuel in the first three months.

“The fact is there are cheaper plans out there, but with budgets stretched and winter price hikes coming into effect, many households will appreciate the benefits of a competitive fixed price plan and will be happy to pay a small premium for the protection that it gives.”

Is it worth it?

The key dillema facing households looking to switch is whether the premium EDF are demanding for the luxury of fixing your prices is worth it. So how does the £128 premium for 19 months of price security?

If we go back 19 months prices were £202 or 17.8% less than they are now. If history repeats itself EDF customers will be sitting pretty, but with the recent round of price rises still fresh in the memory it could be a while before prices are pushed up again.

Here is our table of Best Buy plans:


Plan Name


First Utility

iSave v12



E.ON Energy Discount (with online reward)


Sainsbury’s Energy

Online Variable Sept 2013


Spark Energy




Energy Online April 2014


Ovo Energy

New Energy Fixed


EDF Energy

Blue + Price Promise


British Gas

Online Variable Feb 2014



Help Beat Cancer Discounted Energy Online August 2015



Fixed Discount December 2014 (with paperless billing)


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