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Nine in ten ‘never heard of’ Green Deal

Most people don’t know what the Green Deal is… despite high interest in energy efficiency

More than half of  UK adults have never heard of the Green Deal and 35% do not understand it, a survey has found.

According to research conducted by Rexel, an electrical supplies distributor, three quarters of consumers admit that they are concerned about the rising cost of energy. Three quarters also said that they did not know how to find out more information on the Green Deal if they needed to.

The Green Deal is a government scheme to enable households to install energy-saving  upgrades such as insulation with no upfront cost. The cost of installation is added to your energy bill and you pay it back over time. However the key difference is that you will not pay back more than the money you save on your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient.

But 6 in 10 don’t even know what the Green Deal is, particularly worrying as 7 out of 10 said they were interested in making their home more energy efficient.  70% of those who knew about the Green Deal was interested in taking out a loan through the system.

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Brian Smithers, director at Rexel UK said: “With more than nine in ten adults confessing that they have never heard of or don’t understand the Green Deal, it’s no wonder that Greg Barker MP was recently forced to admit that no assessments had been carried out and only 12 providers have signed up to the scheme to date.

“For the Green Deal to truly deliver, it’s crucial that the industry doesn’t leave the ball in the government’s court. We need to work together to educate business owners and consumers about the benefits of energy-saving measures, and the role the Green Deal can play in making these available at no upfront cost.”

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