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Changes to the Energy Bill proposed

Senior Tory Tim Yeo wants to amend the recent Energy Bill to include a carbon reduction target.

The Energy Bill, launched to much fanfare just three weeks ago, laid out the government’s energy policy for the forseeable future with commitments to renewable energy production the most noticeable highlight.

However, an expected carbon-reduction target was conspicuous in its absence, and threw into question the government’s own emission reduction targets under the Climate Change Act.

Now, Senior Tory Tim Yeo, who is chair of the energy select committee,  wants to introduce an amendment to the bill to include just such a figure, flying in the face of George Osbourne’s preference for gas.

Yeo takes a stand

In a speech to the City today Mr Yeo is expected to say: “Lumbering the economy with a centralised power system largely reliant on gas would be like running an office using a fax machine in the age of the iPad,”

“I think the choice facing Britain is clear. We can embrace the technology of the future, set a target to reduce our present heavy dependence on fossil fuels and upgrade our electricity system,” he will say.

“Or we can cling to the combustion-based technologies of the past, gamble the future on assumptions about the availability of abundant cheap gas and slow down the process of decarbonising our economy.”

The Guardian is reporting that Labour will support a decarbonisation target, putting pressure on Lib Dem MPs who backed the Energy Bill in the first place.