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Free insulation: too good to be true?

Are you eligible for free insulation?

Energy suppliers are offering free insulation as a measure to combat fuel poverty and reach their carbon targets, as set by the government known as CERT.

CERT is the government’s target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 12.5% below 1990 levels by 2008-2012. Insulation is seen as a key way of making homes more energy efficient, and therefore environmentally friendly. However, CERT also aims to help reduce energy bills as well as fuel poverty which again can be tackled by insulation – the more heat kept in your home, the less you have to pay for.

Home efficiency statistics

According to statistics from DECC, there are 26.9 million homes in Great Britain 23.5 million of which lofts. 18.9 million have cavity walls with the remaining 7.9 million having solid walls.

Since April 2008 (the start of CERT), there have been 4.9 million lofts insulated, 2.4 million cavity walls insulated and 88,000 solid walls insulated.

By October 2012, 69% of homes had cavity wall insulation, 66% of homes had loft insulation, but only 2% of homes had solid wall insulation.

Who’s offering free insulation?

Most of the UK’s largest energy suppliers are offering some help with making your home more energy efficient.

British Gas is currently offering free insulation to homes based on their location or if you live with someone on household benefits.

EDF Energy is currently offering energy-saving home improvements through the government ECO scheme for people on certain benefits.

ScottishPower is offering free home insulation for everybody, plus £200 in vouchers for people on certain benefits.

npower is offering free insulation to customers on State Pension Credit or Child Tax Credits (where relevant income is less than £16,190.

EON is offering free home insulation for customers on certain benefits, or who live with someone on those benefits.

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