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Wales lagging behind in the renewables race

The UK’s largest renewable energy producer is warning Wales that it will lose out.

wind turbinesIan Marchant, the head of the UK’s second largest energy supplier SSE, has said Wales slow planning process means it may lose wind farm investment.

Speaking at the launch of a training centre in Wales, Mr Marchant said: “The problem we have had is that projects are taking longer and costing more to develop than comparable projects in Scotland,”

“The challenge we are facing as developers is do we carry on putting money into that project?

Both on and off-shore wind farms have had a turbulent past year, with senior Lib Dems clashing in November last year in the run-up to the Energy Bill.

At present there are 3,350 onshore wind turbines generating around 5 gigawatts: enough for 2.4 million homes, but for the government to meet its 2020 renewable generation targets another 8 gigawatts of onshore wind generation are required.

SSE currently has 36 wind farms with a further 35 planned.

  • DaveJones

    Wales lagging behind with windfarms? We don’t want them!! How can we lose out when we are connected to the National Grid? They just want to dump their windfarms in Wales, what a waste of money, the Germans are taking them down and I have yet to hear someone admit that they are economical. I would find them more acceptable if a few windfarms were built on the Cotswolds.

    The only winners are landowners, farmers and of course the energy suppliers and installers some of which are not even based in the UK.

    In the begining we were promised cheaper electricity, now we are all paying for the windfarms through ever increasing higher tariffs..