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EDF most complained about energy supplier

Energy suppliers have published their complaints figures in an attempt at greater transparency in the energy market.

The results followed a push from the energy regulator Ofgem – which hailed the new transparency a ‘significant improvement’ – to encourage suppliers to publish information both about their performance and what steps they have taken to improve the main issues.

How did your energy supplier fare?

EDF Energy came top of the table with the most complaints; 440, 317 in the last quarter, 84319 more than the second, British Gas, which received 355,998 complaints in the same period.

ScottishPower had the least number of complaints, with just 71,042.

Billing and payment queries came top of the reasons for complaint – something many think a rollout of smart meters, which will put an end to estimated billing, will solve. Only E.ON received its highest number complaints about its customer services.


Number of complaints per quarter

Top reason for complaints

EDF Energy



British Gas


Payment issues



Customer service






Not given




Source: Ofgem

Ofgem ‘shining the spotlight’

Ofgem also made several stipulations to ensure complaint information was accessible to customers.

This included making the complaints data no more than two clicks away from the homepage and easy to search for online. Suppliers also have to publish the total number of complaints made, how many of those were resolved and how quickly they were handled on a quarterly basis.

Philip Cullum, Partner Consumer Policy at Ofgem said: “Ofgem is now shining a spotlight on individual supplier performance, by getting suppliers to publish better data more often and more prominently. This should mean that suppliers improve the way they handle complaints and that the things they learn from complainants lead to better services. We are pleased with the positive spirit in which suppliers have engaged with our agenda and look forward to further progress right across the industry.”

The results of Ofgem’s Retail Market Review, analysing where improvements can be made for consumers in the energy market, is expected in the summer of 2013 however, many suppliers have started to tackle key issues such as tariff simplification.

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