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Energy policy is not about green preaching says Cameron

David Cameron has said the government’s energy policy should focus on bringing down energy bills.

david cameronThe comments, made during the Eastleigh by-election campaign, seemed to emphasise the importance of framing the green debate within the context of lowering energy bills.

Mr Cameron said: “In tough times, its important to explain to people that going green is not just about saving the planet it’s about saving households money,” he said.

“If we preach at people about greenery and make it all sound terribly expensive, I don’t think we’re going to take people with us.”

His remarks follow the unveiling of the Energy Bill last year with its commitment to subsidised renewable energy production that could add up to £110 to household bills by 2020.

However, the government argues that without such a commitment the over-reliance on gas would lead to higher price rises.

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  • Jim-Bob

    Energy bills can be expensive enough now! We do need more green energy, but why should the extra cost be past on to the consumers, when the ‘Big Six’ energy companies and earning millions each year!