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Huhne and Pryce sentenced to 8 months each

Former MP faces prison time

It’s the final conclusion on a case that has kept both tabloids enthralled for weeks. Today, former Lib Dem MEP and Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne was sentenced to 8 months for perverting the course of justice, while his ex-wife also received 8 months.

Chris Huhne was accused by his ex-wife of forcing her to claim his driving licence penalty points on his behalf. Although the incident took place almost a decade ago, it was only discovered after Pryce confided in Sunday Times journalist Isabel Oakeshott following the break down of the marriage.

Huhne protested his innocence for several months after the accusation before making a sensational U-turn and admitting the offence.

However, Pryce’s defence of marital cohesion was ultimately rejected by the jury who found her guilty.

Both parties were warned that they would face prison time.

‘Greenest government’

In his time as working in the Energy and Climate Change department, Huhne was charged with David Cameron’s pledge to make the coilition the ‘greenest government ever’.

He was an outspoken supporter of renewable energy and vowed to overhaul the energy market, and force energy suppliers to give customers advance notice of price rises.

He also pioneered the Green Deal, which was launched at the end of January.