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Protesters launch EDF*off site in response to lawsuit

As EDF seeks £5M in damages from protest disruption, campaigners retaliate with website

No Dash for Gas protesters facing civil action over their occupation of an EDF power plant last year have hit back against the company by launching their own website. EDF*off  was launched this week as a direct result of the lawsuit, and encourages EDF customers to change their supplier.

Meanwhile, EDF is seeking £5M in damages caused by the protest, which lasted a week and resulted in lost labour and carbon emissions credits, and increased security costs.

The protesters, who have pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass, maintain the lawsuit is an attempt by EDF to smother their right to speak out against big energy.

In addition to the energy switching website, the group have struck up a petition against the lawsuit. The petition has received nearly 64,000 signatures, including from celebrity supporters.

In a February statement posted on their website, EDF claims that they recognise the right for campaigners to protest,  but that the legal action was a necessary action:

“EDF Energy supports the right to lawful protest and respects differing points of view. However, the consequences of this illegal activity put lives at risk, caused considerable disruption to the site during its construction, and considerable financial losses. It also delayed the completion of the new power station – part of a massive investment in the UK’s energy supply which will provide enough electricity for 1.5m homes. It is important that those considering this kind of action understand that they may face consequences through civil action for the damage, cost and disruption they cause.”

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