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Energy row minister moved from post

Why was John Hayes was so controversial.

John Hayes energy MPEnergy minister John Hayes, whose stand on renewable energy has been at times controversial, has been moved from his post to serve as a senior consultant to Downing Street, just six months after taking over the post from Charles Hendry.

Meanwhile, business minister Michael Fallon will take over the duties as energy minister at Energy and Climate Change, which is led by Lib Dem MP Ed Davey.

John Hayes hit the headlines over several issues, but most notably on his lack of support for wind farms. He often clashed with Mr Davey on the subject, which he accused of ‘peppering’ the UK landscape.

He outraged renewable energy campaigners by labeling them as ‘bourgeois’ , adding that British energy policy had to ‘deal with the practicalities’:

“This is about having a balanced policy, a balanced energy mix,” he said. “We need a bit of gas, we need some renewables, we need nuclear; we need a mix because that guarantees sustainability.”

Most recently he came into conflict again with the Energy and Climate Change department when he opposed the erection of solar panels.

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