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Battle rages on: npower announces longest fixed price energy plan

Consumers set to win as big six battle each other for best fixed plan

npower logoToday, npower launched a new fixed price energy plan to the market, npower Price Fix September 2016. The introduction of the plan that fixes energy rates for customers for more than three years beats the previous longest fixed price plan from ScottishPower by eight months.

The new plan from npower costs the medium user £1,317 a year and is £16 more than ScottishPower’s Fixed Price Energy February 2016.

This marks yet another blow in the battle of the big six to offer the cheapest and/or longest fixed price plans on the market. Here’s a quick blow-by-blow:

March 15: npower introduces the longest fixed price plan to the market, the Price Fix December 2015.

April 24: npower introduces a ‘family’ of fixed price plans, which included, at the time, the cheapest fixed price plan on the market, Online Price Fix June 2014. At this time, npower were offering both the longest and cheapest fixed price plans on the market.

April 25: Just one day later, ScottishPower announces it has launched Fixed Price Energy February 2016, beating npower out for longest fixed price plan currently available.

May 10: npower hits back, with an energy plan that fixes rates until 30 September, 2016, and carries no cancellation fees.

This plan war is good news for consumers, says Tom Lyon, energy expert at

“It looks like suppliers are on the verge of an all-out fixed price war and this spells good news for consumers looking for shelter from potential price hikes. npower’s new plan is a double whammy as it not only offers the longest price protection on the market, but it also doesn’t carry any early exit penalties. This will definitely give rivals a bloody nose and lowers the risk to consumers of locking in for such a long time.

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  • welshgirl50

    Hmmm, this means committing to nPower’s tax dodging too. My fixed deal with nPower expires today and I am switching to EDF on their Blue+ Price Promise tariff which is fixed until February 2014.

  • millgate

    I will not consider ANY nPower offer unless they COMMIT to meeting conventional UK TAX RULES- an NIL TAX DODGING forthwith.

  • buckclean

    my supplier First Utility has sent me an illustration of what my costs for elec and gas will be for next 12 months but at same time has announced prices up by 18% – they will not reply to my reasonable question of whether the illustration they sent me recently is before or after the rise

  • MoS

    Fixed prices but at what rates?
    Surely a comparison website should show at what rates prices are fixed?

  • john

    My ex mother in law signed up to one of these Npower deals back in December 2012 and was told she would have a fixed price till Jan 2014 I believe. So guess what she just received a letter from them yesterday that they were putting up her pricesy next month. So why should we believe they will honour this agreement anymore than their last one?

  • Mr Unhappy

    Yes but like their 2014 ‘Fixed Price Plan’ will they get the customers then jack up prices another 10% 6 months into the deal. I think they will as they have just done to me. It’s about time the so called Regulator OFGEM did something for customers instead of going through the motions. Competition, what competition. It’s a Cartel just like the railways.

  • bonkthebonk

    Npower are one of the most dishonest, devious and misleading companies I have ever had the misfortune to have had dealings with. They epitomise everything that is wrong with the iniquitous privatisations of the 80s and beyond. Not only do they make a habit and a virtue of stitching up consumers, they compound it by dodging tax into the bargain. I wouldn’t trust them not to renege on any deal or promise from very bitter experience. Use them at your peril.