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DECC supports Energy Challenge roadshow with video

Animation highlights 2050 goal to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80%

British Energy Challenge BECAs part of the British Energy Challenge,  the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released an animated video to create a better understanding of the importance of moving to a low-carbon energy system.

The video is the first of three animated productions that will set out to explain why changing from the current energy system is required. These reasons include keeping bills low, keeping the lights on and doing what’s right for the environment.

In about three-and-a-half minutes, the video discusses what greenhouse gas emissions are, how they are created and what impact they have. The video also describes the options for low-carbon energy, including renewables, nuclear and carbon-capture and storage.

The challenge, if you choose to accept it

The video also sets out the main focus of the BEC, which is to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

This is where the BEC’s roadshows take centre stage. Each roadshow includes an interactive session, chaired by climate change author Mark Lynas, and the DECC’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor David MacKay. Together, the two explain to local communities how energy supply and demand works, and its affect on our environment.

By bringing these two experts out to the public in their own towns, DECC aims to show how these issues impact their everyday lives, including their energy bills.

Breaking through

The roadshows have a lot of work to do; according to DECC, only 5% of people see energy-related issues as the most urgent problem facing the UK.

But, by raising the level of literacy of the public on this issue, the closer the UK comes to reaching the British Energy Challenge’s goals.

Those interested can use DECC’s 2050 Pathways Calculator, an interactive tool where users can choose a ‘path’ to tackle (or not tackle) greenhouse gases. The outcomes are all backed by real UK data.

As the video explains: “As a nation, we need to decide how we are going power ourselves, and future generations to come. The decisions we make are not just environmental ones, they will impact on all areas of life, from the economy and employment to health and security.”

The remaining two instalments in the BEC video series will tackle ways to develop the energy infrastructure, and help that is available to the consumer.

Upcoming BEC roadshow dates and locations:

Leeds               June 28th

Birmingham  July 11th

Manchester    September 6th

Newcastle      September 20th

Bristol             October 10th

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