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‘Fundamental flaws’ in Scotland’s green policy, says MSP

An MSP has suggested that wind energy may not be able to meet the nation’s future electricity demands

wind power windmill generator green renewableMid Scotland and Fife Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, who is a committed anti-windfarm campaigner, spoke out after the DECC released new figures revealing that despite a 30% increase in installed wind capacity, related energy generation grew by 11%.

It was found that in the first quarter of 2013, there were six GW of installed renewables in Scotland, with a further eight being needed to hit the Scottish government’s 2020 renewable energy targets.

Fraser slammed ‘unreliable’ wind turbines

Fraser said of the research: “These statistics are illustrative of the fundamental flaws of flooding our landscape with wind turbines.

“Wind power is responsible for nearly 70% of the current Scottish renewables portfolio.”

He added that the intermittency of wind power has not yet been solved. Until this issue is resolved, the minister said, Scotland, or any other nation, will not be able to realistically make the jump to wind power without significant reserves of backup power generation.

“Building more onshore wind farms is not the solution, and the Scottish Government must consider diversifying the energy generation mix for a more balanced energy policy,” he added.

UK risks missing emissions targets

These comments were made as research from the Institute for Public Policy Research indicated the UK risks missing emissions targets if it fails to optimise its wind energy potential.

According to the think-tank, Westminster has sent “weak and unclear signals” regarding the future of renewable energy, and could be doing more to harness offshore wind.

It added that offshore wind could create thousands of new jobs and help to strengthen the economy.

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  • Mike Bramley

    Wind turbines are a total waste of space ,no wind no power lots of wind no power so back up must be available at all times. Power stations cannot be switched on and off at will ,therefore no saving in carbon emissions or cash .
    The logical answer is tidal 4 goes a day not 2 as tides reverse direction twice daily.
    Tidal generators are also not a blot on our beautiful landscape