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ScottishPower launches longest fixed price plan on the market

New tariff offers price protection through 2016 and supports Cancer Research UK

scottishpower logo1Today ScottishPower introduced the newest plan in its fixed price family, Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy January 2017.

This plan allows the big six supplier to claim the crown for longest fixed price plan on the market, beating out EDF’s Blue + Price Freeeze November 2016 by one month.

Measuring up

Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy stacks up well against the competition: at £1,350 per year, it is the same price as its closest competitor while fixing rates for 31 days longer. The plan has a £25 cancellation fee per fuel.

In addition, ScottishPower will make a £10 donation to Cancer Research UK for each customer on the plan, and another £10 for each year of the plan’s duration.

‘Safeguarding from price rises’

Tom Lyon energy expert at says of the new plan:

“It’s great to see that ScottishPower is not only offering customers peace of mind by safeguarding them from price rises for a hefty three years, but it is also helping to beat cancer along the way. However, with a cancellation fee kicking in if a ScottishPower customer wishes to leave the supplier, it’s important for customers to consider their options fully before they sign up.”

Fixed price competition heats up

This isn’t the first time this year ScottishPower has leapfrogged one of its plans into the position of longest fixed price on the market: back in April, the supplier ousted the prevailing plan just one day after npower introduced it to market.

At that time, the Scotland-based energy supplier again beat out the longest fixed plan on the market by one month.

More recently, M&S Energy introduced the market’s cheapest plan, which also happened to be a  fixed price plan. Fix & Save averages £1,139 a year, locks in rates until September 2014 and comes with a £50 cancellation fee.

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  • Matilda

    Have I read this wrong Under measuring up it states that the plan has a £25 cancellation fee per fuel but on reading the comments from Tom Lyon he states without cancellation fees any takers can enjoy security against price rises as well as the freedom to shop around should a more competitive deal catch their eye.

    • Michele Martinelli

      Hi Matilda,
      There is a £25 cancellation fee per fuel – Tom’s quote is warning customers to bear this in mind before they sign up.

  • joe9t

    It fails to state that the annual gas and electricity standing charge will be a whopping £132.86 for each fuel! Compare that with my current plan – EDF Fixed Price 2014, with an annual electricity standing charge of only: £76.28 and annual gas standing charge of only: £78.44..

    • joe9t

      A 69% – 74% increase. How CAN that be justified?

      • Gas and Electric Legend

        A standing charge package compared with a non standing charge package makes a 1penny difference over 12 months… EDF might have a cheaper Standing charge… but they more than make up for that on the price per KWH…..

        • joe9t

          My EDF Electricity KWh price is 11.620p and my Gas KWh price is 3.387p, with a standing charge for Electricity of £76.28 and for Gas £78.44. Try and beat that! Scottish Power putting there standing charges as high as £132.86 is plain and simply wrong. Why can’t they put it on the KWh instead? The reason is, is because customers are cutting back on the energy that they use or even going on holiday in the Winter months and so the energy companies are getting round this by putting standing charges up greater than unit prices. It is also very unfair on low users of energy to make them have to subsidise those that use a lot of energy by making everyone pay upfront almost £300 before they have even started to use any energy. It is totally outragious. What will happen is that people will just have one energy supply – electricity and buy Calor gas, which does not have a standing charge to heat the house.

    • russell55

      Be warned my friend is still paying off,on their cheap bill,he got a bill for £2976 !

      • joe9t

        My monthly direct debits are now £53.00, down from £58.00, so I doubt very much that I will get an hefty bill. I am very careful and energy efficient, My yearly consumption is roughly 1800Kwh for electricity and just a little over 9000Kwh for gas. For a single person living in a Victorian converted house, that is very good. But, I do object to be forced to pay extortionate standing charges, as this penalizes low users such as me and also doesn’t encourage energy efficiency. I have though spotted a higher standing charge than Scottish Power’s Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy January 2017 and that was at First Utility. Their iSave has a gas standing charge at an eye watering £200.75 and electricity at £91.25. This equates to around 46% of my yearly usage just in standing charges alone!

  • k2chris13

    WHY is it that All companies end the fix rates etc. either Just before the WINTER, or DURING the WINTER period ?, when we get caught with the HIGHEST use and BILLS?? WHAT is the OMBUDSMAN doing ? sleeping during the whole AUTUMN, WINTER and SPRING period??

    • joe9t

      The Regulator is asleep 12 months of the year! Try phoning them and see how far you get. You will get a recorded message directing you to make your complaint to the energy company. No wonder the energy companies are laughing, as OfGem are a joke.

  • Jane Sweeney

    I am already a Scottish Electric customer and would like to join their latest long fixed price plan if this means that their prices for Gas & Electricity are at their present levels of
    Gas at 3.650 & Electricity at 12.057 and no increase to Gas Standing Charge.
    If the above is correct how can I sign in to this fixed price plan? None of the info’ regarding this plan tells me what I have to do to sign up to it, please can you advise me?

    • Michele Martinelli

      Hi Jane,
      If you would like to sign up for the plan you can do so via our energy homepage – – simply enter your postcode and follow a few simple steps before you get to the results table. Here you will find every energy plan available to you and will be able to scroll down to this deal.

      Hope that helps!

      • Jane Sweeney

        Thank you Michelle for the comparison information. The options only listed companies that provided a fixed tariff for one year while Scottish Electric are offering a fixed tariff for three years. As a present customer of Scottish Electric (whose prices per kwh for gas and electricity compare well against other companies) do I have to do anything to make certain that I will be on their ‘fixed tariff’ of three years? Can you advise further? Regards, Jane.

        • Michele Martinelli

          Hi Jane,
          If you are with ScottishPower then I’m afraid you will have to apply for this plan through them directly. If by Scottish Electric you mean you are on an electricity only plan with ScottishPower you won’t be able to switch to the 3 year plan as it is dual fuel only.
          Let me know if that makes sense.

          • Jane Sweeney

            Thank you Michelle for the correction, I did mean Scottish Power and will contact them directly to get on to their Fixed Price Plan. Best wishes, Jane.

          • Michele Martinelli

            No problem!

    • russell55

      RING THEM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Davis

    I am already a Duel Fuel customer with Scottish Power and do the online plan with the direct debit discount until 2014 would switching to this help me

    • Michele Martinelli

      Hi Amanda,
      This really depends on your individual circumstances. Fixed price plans have advantages and disadvantages, which you can read about here –

      You can have a look at the plans available to you by putting your postcode into the green box on our energy homepage and following some simple steps –

    • russell55

      yes it would,it is marginally dearer than you present deal,but cheaper than all the others,ring now.

  • Jane Sweeney

    I have NEVER been so frustrated! I have tried every way to contact Scottish Power so that I can sign up to their three year fixed price contract and all have proved impossible. Is there a ‘phone number so I can speak directly to someone, or an address that I can write to or an email address from which I could get a reply that makes sense. Regrets, Jane.

  • colin

    is the standing charge yearly and does it replace the first 900 klw at one rate with remaining klw at lower rate

    • Michele Martinelli

      Hi Colin,
      The standing charge listed on the site is spread out over the course of 12 months and also means there is a single unit price.

  • adrian

    do you know if this longest fixed price plan is available for key and card customers?

    • Michele Martinelli

      Hi Adrian,
      I’m afraid it’s not – no long-term fixed plans are currently on offer to prepayment customers – you can run a price comparison here – – to try to find a better priced plan.

      Hope that helps.

  • Andy

    Please just show us what your unit rate per KWH is, plus any other fixed charges, so we can make an accurate comparison of exactly which supplier is the most competitive …

    • Michele Martinelli

      Hi Andy,
      I understand your frustration,however, total price per unit varies depending on your postcode – you can run a comparison here –… – for a more accurate look at what each deal would cost you.

  • John Bull

    If I take out a long term fix with them I might find myself with a foreign energy supplier after next September.
    Better to stick with a good old British company like Eon or EDF.

    • Lee Ruddick

      EDF is french. Eon is German.

  • Teresa Goff

    I may be naive but if they can offer a fixed rate to January 2017 why are they putting up their prices ?