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Doncaster residents join energy saving scheme

New initiative will save residents money on bills and reduce CO2 emissions

Better insulation could save residents up to £400 on their energy bills

Thousands of Doncaster residents could be enjoying warmer homes this winter thanks to a scheme designed to provide better insulation for their homes.

It is thought that those who have had improved insulation installed in their homes will see annual gas charges drop by between 30% and 40%. This will see the average household save £400 per year.

Around 2,000 homes have already received assistance as part of this initiative in the last 12 months.

More councils looking to help residents

Councils are increasingly looking to help residents with their energy needs. Last week, Glasgow City Council announced the creation of a £1,200 grant to help make homes more energy efficient through the use of modern technology.

The Doncaster project, unlike the one in Glasgow, receives funding from a range of energy providers and is arranged and orchestrated by the local authority.

The benefit for councillors is that these schemes will also have a significant impact on the ‘green’ rating of its operations. It is hoped that over the next 20 years the project will see CO2 output from 2,000-plus homes cut by 36 tonnes per household.

Councillor hails energy project

Councillor Christine Mills, cabinet member for environment and waste, said this is the latest in a number of projects the council is employing to try to cut bills for residents and lower its own carbon footprint.

Other schemes have included the installation of new energy efficient boilers in more than 200 homes around the town. In the coming months, both initiatives will be made available to a greater number of residents in Doncaster.

“The beauty of this project, which has created 16 new jobs and safeguarded 43, is that no Doncaster Council money has been spent on the works – they have been fully funded by Energy Company Obligation Grants, using money that the government has required energy companies make available for energy efficient measures,” she added.

Praise for initiative

Residents have also congratulated the council on the success of the new measures. Sharon Jones, of Victoria Road, told the Doncaster Free Press that she was already starting to see a difference in her property.

“The work has been brilliant. Not only does the home look a lot better but I am also looking forward to benefiting from lower winter bills. Even though it is not cold outside yet I can already feel the benefit of a warmer house,” she explained.

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