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Energy suppliers fight to offer best deals

With a raft of fixed price contracts coming to an end and rumours of impending price rises, energy suppliers have launched a number of new fixed price plans

As winter nears, competition among energy suppliers intensifies

Consumers on one of the eight popular plans ending in September will face bill rises of up to £200 per year, if they fail to select a new tariff.

On the plus side, consumers will be pleased to know that a large number of competitively priced long, medium and short term plans have been launched by energy suppliers looking to attract customers.

Energy tariffs coming to an end in September

The most popular plans coming to an end this month are EDF Energy’s Blue + Price Promise September 2013 and First Utility’s iSave Fixed v2 September 2013.

The table below shows the plans are ending this month:

Plans ending

 Date prices are fixed till

Estimated bill increase*

Sainsbury’s Energy – Online Variable September 2013



EDF Energy – Blue + Price Promise September 2013



EDF Energy – Blue + Price Promise September 2013 Gas Carbon Offset



EDF Energy – Fixed Price 2013



First Utility – iSave Fixed v2 September 2013



ScottishPower – Discounted Energy October 2013 v2



ScottishPower – Platinum Fixed Energy October 2013 Online v5



ScottishPower – Platinum Fixed Energy October 2013 v5



*Prices are for dual fuel monthly direct debit for a medium size user

Newly launched plans

Customers looking to switch to a long term fixed price tariff can consider npower’s new Price Protector March 2017 plan, which is currently the longest on the market and has no cancellation fee.

A medium term solution for consumers could be First Utility’s iSave Fixed v10 tariff, which will cost the average consumer £1,274 per year and has a £30 per fuel cancellation fee.

A more short term option is M&S Energy’s Fix and Save deal, which is the cheapest option available today and has a cancellation fee of £50.

The below table gives a snapshot of some of the deals available:


Plan Name

Date prices are fixed to

Average bill

Additional Info

M&S Energy

Fix & Save



£50 Cancellation fee


Online Price Fix November 2014



No cancellation fee

First Utility

iSave Fixed v10



£30 Per Fuel Cancellation Fee


Price Protector March 2017



No cancellation fee

EDF Energy

Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016



No cancellation fee


Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy Online January 2017



£25 Per Fuel Cancellation fee

Suppliers ‘falling over themselves to offer the most competitive fixed price deals’

Tom Lyon, energy expert at, said: “As a number of fixed deals come to an end this month, many of those who have enjoyed the peace of mind from stable prices could see their bills rocket – by as much as £200. But for those worried about coming back down to earth with a bump, the fact that suppliers are falling over themselves to offer the most competitive fixed price deals, should bring some comfort.Suppliers ‘falling over themselves to offer the most competitive fixed price deals’

“And the even better news is that opting for a fixed price energy plan doesn’t have to cost more. The cheapest deal on the market, M&S Energy’s Fix and Save tariff is also a fixed plan – giving consumers the best of both worlds. While for those worried about the long-term forecast for their household finances, npower this week launched Price Protector March 2017, which gives concerned consumers almost two and a half years of protection – for less than the average standard plan bill.

“But it’s not just the time for those coming to the end of their deal to consider their options – with winter looming and rumours of price rises not dying down, many households will be worried about their bills. Now is the time to shop around and find a cheaper plan before the temperature falls. For some, one of the newest competitive fixed deals may be ideal and ensure they avoid being left out in the cold.”

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