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Prime minister tells customers to switch for ‘better deal’

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken out against British Gas for raising gas and electricity prices and called on unhappy consumers to change energy supplier.

British Gas, which raised its prices by 9.2% yesterday, has partially blamed government taxes for the increase.

The price hike follows a similar move by energy supplier SSE, which raised prices by 8.2%. The remainder of the big six energy suppliers, E.ON, EDF, npower and Scottish Power, are also expected to raise prices.

‘We’re going to have a simpler system’

Speaking to BBC radio about the price hikes, Cameron said: “Well I think these are very disappointing announcements by British Gas. There are things we can do. We are intervening because we’re legislating to say these companies have to put their customers onto the lowest tariff.

“I think a lot of customers find it utterly baffling how many tariffs they have so we’re going to have a simpler system.”

Customers can ‘switch their electricity or gas bill from one supplier to another’

Cameron added: “But there’s something everyone can do which is to look to switch their electricity or gas bill from one supplier to another and on average this can help people save sometimes as much as £200 on their bills.

“So I’d encourage customers who are not happy with the service they’re getting and not happy with the prices to go to the switching sites online and see whether they can get a better deal.”

‘Cameron is only speaking for the energy companies’

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Caroline Flint, feels the government is not doing enough to protect consumers from energy price rises.

Commenting on the issue she said: “[The government] were asked an hour ago in the House of Commons if we saw unreasonable price hikes would they tackle this and freeze the bill, and the answer was ‘no’.

“Well, Labour is going to stand up for the public on this one – we will challenge the energy companies, and we will change the market. This government, this prime minister, David Cameron, is only speaking for the energy companies.”

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  • oake

    We are going to switch for a better deal Davy boy …,…next election.

    • tim

      Failing that, buy a jumper.

      • justin tyme

        Not another sodding tory boy

    • Sach Sach

      There isn’t any decent political party to vote and that tells the truth.SHAME on the politicians of this country they are now selling the national assets that belong to us the people. The deal of this nuclear plant is completely out of order i am sure that if the people were given a chance to understand this deal, they would have fired the PM and his cronies for making such a bad deal.

      • justin tyme

        You Say they are “now” selling National Assets, not putting words in your mouth, but do you recall the GPO – that Like BR {British Rail, come back all is forgiven } The Harrier Jet were sold at least in part. Thatcher escalated it with selling off housing stock forgetting to tell the buyers that their old council house roof would need a princes ransom to repair and they as the owner would have to foot he bill. Seems like engineering, boot and shoe, hosiery and other “staple” industries where run into the ground or allowed to be dominated by overseas competitors. It has been a long road here and there is still something left in the bottom draw to sell, the House of Lords should fetch a few bob with the river views and all, plus it’s proximity too first rate comedy in the house next door.

  • Duncan Dunnit

    What party was it that sold the gas companies in the first place. And when they sold them were they really that stupid to think that those that purchased would not be wanting to profit from their purchase.

  • bird jaguar

    pink faced and flabby, I am sure he doesn’t worry about the plebs, in fact he wants to cut green taxes that help the most impoverished. Again the poor pay the price!

  • Andy_London

    Cameron keeps talking down the British companies (SSE and Centrica) whiile giving billions to French-owned EdF, which has state support from the French government.

    Go figure who is working in the national interest; it certainly isn’t Cameron.

    • Sach Sach

      It was first the local ceo’s and fat cats and now foreign masters in EDF and CHINA.

    • Sach Sach

      We the people have no right to know about what is going on in this country. we are just serfs, slaves of the elite.

  • cosmicdes

    Andy_London. That is NOT TRUE.

    The British Energy Company’s pulled out of building the Nuclear Reactors that we desperately need because it was TOO BIG for them to take on.

    Only EDF with the help of Chinese Money made it possible for this one to go ahead in spite of the Anti- Nuclear Brigade who always hold up projects like this for years.
    We need a few more Nuclear Stations to comply with EU Regulations which are demanding that we close the Coal Fired Energy Producing Stations very soon.

    PROBLEM:— Who is going to volunteer to build more stations for us? The British do not have the will or the Finance to do it, so that puts us at the mercy of Foreign Investors. AND—

    So whoever builds the next ones for us they will make the profit for these huge investments that the British companies did not want to invest in.

    The choice is accept the fact or go cold and turn the clock back and have insufficient power for our lighting and heating at home and in industry and become or become a Backward Nation whilst others leave us behind.

    No thanks pay up and keep up with the modern world.

    Its the same no matter which government is in power. It is NOT David Camerons fault. John Prescott said recently we need Nuclear Power and Gas and Wind Turbines as well.

    The USA was a Nett importer of Oil and are now an Exporter of OIL since they started FRACKING and found HUGE RESERVES. We should do the same.

    • Sach Sach

      Easy for a terrorist group to bomb a place like this. Why build this thing that creates more pollution and wastes water the most important thing for human beings? why not build more solar plants? reduce the prices of raw materials and make it easier to work with solar energy. these guys are mad and are selling us the public to foreign rulers.

    • Andy_London

      Centrica pulled out of Hinckley Point C because, unlike EdF, they are not state-subsidised and could not afford the risk of the project being wrecked by the politicians dithering as they have for at least the past 25 years over energy policy.

      We should ban all foreign-owned enerrgy companies like Scottish Power (Spanish owned), E.on and nPower (both German-owned) and EdF (French-owned) until their countries’ energy markets are as open to British companies such as SSE and Centrica as our energy market is to them.

      As usual the EU’s completely inconsistent application off the so-called “common market” is at the root of the problem.

    • justin tyme

      One man’s best steak is another man’s mistake, how many times can you fit Britain into the US of A?
      We are not playing on a even playing field.

      Its pretty much an unproven technology so far.
      Pollution risks?
      Environmental carnage?
      We need a lot more data don’t we?

  • arshi

    Mr Cameron as u n your wife r the biggest shareholder of edf pls announce a cheap tariff so people can join edf.

  • sarah h

    everyone should go to same company for gas and electric and then it will put the rest out of business and so put prices down because company we have went to is making a fortune so will keep prices down

    • justin tyme

      That I believe, is called a monopoly and generally in private hands has the complete opposite affect to what you predict….

  • Dave

    Has anyone stopped to ask the question , ALL the windmill investment to this country comes from foreign input, who look for returns within a stated period of time , now Osborne has taken the Chinese in to do the same to re kick nuclear plants , who the hell in years to come will end up funding this profit returns ???

  • Lawrence

    …what about none of us paying the inflated prices anymore, and I mean none of us pay them any money anymore, period. Renationlise the enrgy industry, not buy it, just take it, they’ve made enough out of us anyway, and that’s it, time to end the present paradigm.

    • justin tyme

      Beautiful thought!
      Not wanting to seem like a yellow belly coward, but would remind you of the ” Poll Tax Rally” which{The Poll tax}.in currency terms probably generated an nth of a per cent of revenue that the Shylock fuel Barons do, look (You Tube has true accounts of it from The participants not state propagandistic relates) at what these people were prepared to do to keep us “in line”.
      The amount of currency your talking here would put tanks on the street at the very least.
      Defeat New World Order plots at all costs.

  • James Makepeace

    The truth about energy in the UK is that the politicians have given up on trying to solve the real long-term problem, which is generating electricity in a clean, safe and sustainable way. They have entirely failed to face up to the hard reality that we must stop burning fossil fuels, that shale gas (so-called “fracking”) is unproven, potentially dangerous and (like North Sea oil and gas) a short term fix which will run out, leaving the UK in a REALLY bad position. The only possible answer, (because renewables won’t even scratch the surface of the huge energy demands of the UK) is to get on with developing clean safe fusion reactors. There are two technologies to do this… one (in France) is spending a fortune trying to do something in the most difficult way possible, by sharing the work between vast many nations, and constantly expanding its budget and shifting the delivery date further and further to the right (by years at a time)…
    The other is laser fusion, which is currently un-funded in UK, having moved from what amounted to a world-leading position just 5 years ago. We still have valuable cooperative deals with Europe and (particularly) USA, but the politicians and their bureaucrats just won’t spend money on fusion… which would give us abundant, clean, safe and dependable energy for thousands of years into the future.
    Well… they are only politicians aren’t they… Not interested in anything which they can’t claim votes for in the life of one parliament… More interested in clinging to power than in fixing a huge problem which faces the nation and the world… yet it is within their power to do it… if they only had the vision and the moral fibre !

    • justin tyme

      “IF” only, the rest of us could be so lucky!

    • mystery

      Renewables CAN scratch the surface, if one considers all available options, also done in conjunction with reducing immigration, and ultimately restricting our own population growth. If we were a 30 million nation, we could quite easily manage energy needs from renewables. The energy from a single large turbine could power many homes on its own. But, there are no power station closures, yet with hundreds of turbines going up, solar panels, insulation and energy efficient devices, we use less, need less, produce more, yet are paying more?

      The reason is, we are paying for the search for new fossil fuels, and the finds are small and the searches outrageously expensive. Rather than switch to funding renewables which once done, would not be so open to price hikes as costs would be relatively the same to run the system year on year, companies could no longer hike, they would have to drop prices. Never going to happen, so you will pay till the last drop of oil is used, then you will use gas, then alternate hybrid systems, then at last renewables if nuclear is not then in larger use.

  • reviloni

    Perhaps Mr Cameron can tell us which ripoff company is the cheapest I am waiting!!

  • justin tyme

    As usual Cameron has nothing but rhetoric and bunkum to offer, speaking from his lofty Ivory Tower.
    Millions simply can not change their supply as they are locked into debt repayment of previously accumulated and ever increasing debts to these gluttonous extortionate fuel suppliers.
    In short they [the suppliers] will not “release” many, many people from these fuel contracts and go so far as to remove supply meters and lock down supply feeds to ensure you do not get another supplier, (they don’t tread on each others feet either) to escape from the avaricious Leviathans. These companies have proved time and again that their sole interest is making uncountable sums of profit that is the sole aim they have.
    Their Public Relations is all sweetness and light but under all that gloss is something straight from the pit.

  • justin tyme

    James Makepeace seems to have given us all something to hit those door stepping – mostly come elections – bleating , begging politicians with, “ask why not”? and tell “you better get started on it like yesterday”, might be the last best hope.

  • Graham Ward

    This is so sickening, energy companies being allowed to put prices up by such a large amount when the average family is struggling as it is. Of course MP’s get their bills paid so it won’t affect them, just bung it on the expenses. If this government had any decency it would put a halt to these rises especially when the cost of wholesale gas is going down. Better still re-nationalize them and the bills would be half straight away. When these companies are making such enormous profits, the only people who really benefit are the shareholders. Cameron is either lying or think the average person here is thick. Its obvious if we switch for a better deal, then the new energy supplier we are with can put their prices up the following day (read the small print) fixed prices can be unfixed. Some of the daily Tariffs are rising more than 50% but British Gas and others are cleverly hiding this.This is wrong for all of us and its time that the people forced an election. Having said that will Labour or UkIP or any other party be prepared to put their necks on the line and say the will re-nationalize or force these companies to cut profits and stop expecting the British public to roll over and accept these obscene rises

  • crazy innit

    Launch a network of wood-fired soup kitchens, light the communal bonfires, knit woolly sweaters for victory and turn off your gas and electricity supplies. How long would it take for the energy suppliers to give in to consumer power?

  • mike

    if every one dropped british gas for a year then the next year drop another provider I am sure they would start to worry

  • John Lallyette

    It seems to me that you have all missed the point. Before the turn of the millennium Britain’s infrastructure was just about able to cope with the demands on energy, social security, housing, and the NHS, with it’s then, population. However, since that time, due largely to immigration, which added nearly 3,000,000 to our peoples in just 10 short years, we reached an impossible situation, where all these services were completely swamped. Now we are (due to the liberal elite), paying the consequences for this lack of foresight. Even as marathon runners, we would never have been able to run fast enough to keep up. We have a simply huge national debt that despite the upbeat assurances of the politicians is still growing. I cannot even with the greatest optimism see a point where over two generations Britain will ever be as great as it once was, and there will be pockets of real poverty, and poor health, for many years to come.

  • fran

    I don’t have to write anything oake has done it. well done; all thieves should never be elected; from councilors upwards and i mean upwards. they have let down all the communities down and i mean down and laugh at all; all the way to the bank, everyone of them and soon they will have to pay the price for this. and if you don’t believe me ask the queen because when you started the damage others are going to ask why she let them get away with this…

  • anna jeannette Dixon

    free electric for all Nicola Tesla Did Just This By Getting Electricity out of tin air or from the Ionosphere and it was 1901 now hes a forgotten man and it was he who light the world with AC electricity

  • John Forth

    i could type a long reply but …. my fingers are soooo cold …!!!