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Labour accuses Cameron of being ‘weak’ in the face of energy companies

Ed Miliband is set to accuse the prime minister of ‘making [energy] policy up on the hoof’

Ed Miliband has slammed the prime minister’s lplans to roll back green levies

Labour leader Ed Miliband is today expected to criticize the prime minister’s latest decision to create a more competitive energy market.

In a speech aimed at promoting the idea of a price freeze, Miliband will say: “In weakness and panic, he made up a policy on energy which means business as usual for the energy companies and which is already falling apart.

“There is no solution to the cost of living crisis which tiptoes around taking on the energy companies and reforming a broken market.

“But this prime minister is too weak to stand up for the consumer and he always takes the side of the big six companies. There are 27 million families and 2.4m businesses which would benefit from Labour’s price freeze.”

Cameron to ‘roll back’ green levies on energy companies

The Labour leader’s accusations follow David Cameron’s pledge to ‘roll back’ green charges which energy companies have blamed for rising gas and electricity bills.

Speaking on the issue the prime minister said: “I can tell the house today that we will be having a proper competition test carried out over the next year to get to the bottom of whether this market can be more competitive.

“I want more companies, I want better regulation, I want a better deal for consumers. But yes, we also need to roll back the green charges that he put in place as energy secretary.”

Miliband finds ally in former prime minister

Miliband has found an unlikely ally in former Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major. Major recently called for a windfall tax on energy company profits and called for the government to help consumers likely to struggle with their bills this winter.

Miliband picked up on the statement and said: “Sir John Major recognises that the job of government is to reform markets when they are failing and to protect people.

“This prime minister does not. It will take a Labour government to make the right decisions on behalf of the British people.”

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