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UK fuel poverty levels second only to Estonia

Research shows Britain has a higher number of people struggling to pay their energy bills than every European country bar one

cold couple bundled up warm clothes

Poor insulation means fuel poverty affects close to 5m Brits

The news prompted companies behind the Energy Bill Revolution campaign to write an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, asking him to help Britain’s fuel poor.

At present more than 5 million households are qualified as living in fuel poverty.

‘National scandal that the UK is lagging so far behind other countries’

Caroline Abrahams, director at Age UK, said: “With fuel poverty blighting the lives of millions of households, it is nothing short of a national scandal that the UK is lagging so far behind other countries when it comes to tackling the problem.

“Decisive action is urgently needed to tackle the root cause of the problem – the UK’s poorly insulated housing.”

The alliance added that poor insulation was one of the main causes for Britain’s high levels of fuel poverty. Homes in other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, are much better insulated and consequently use less energy to keep warm.

The issue of fuel poverty is set to keep growing as four of the big six energy suppliers have recently put their gas and electricity prices up by close to 10%.

Politicians falling ‘woefully short of a true solution to the energy bill crisis’

Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, said: “Our political leaders are falling over themselves to come up with headline-grabbing ways to cut energy bills yet they fall woefully short of a true solution to the energy bill crisis.

“By far the biggest opportunity to cut energy bills is to fully insulate the UK’s leaky homes.”

A government spokesperson told the Times: “We are committed to helping people pay their bills this winter. That’s why we have cold weather payments, winter fuel payments worth up to £300, an enlarged state pension and the Warm Homes Discount which is helping two million households, including well over 1 million of the poorest pensioners, by taking £135 off their bills.

“We are also helping people by legislating to force energy companies to put customers on the best deal.”

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  • Yoolander

    “We are also helping people by legislating to force energy companies to put customers on the best deal.”
    Customers will be charged whatever the Company want’s to charge them

    • snowted

      The ‘best deal’ actually increased our gas bill. We were low use gas with no standing charge, standing charge went to 45p a day from 0p. They Npower told us it would result in lower bills for majority of customers which means low use customers would be paying for those that use more. How wrong is that?

  • Sean Brennan

    they are the most brutal odious government in the history of british politics

    • Without a doubt.


      No, this is just the continuation of thatcherism that the labour government did nothing to reverse. It won’t get better until there’s blood on the streets IMHO,

    • Tell Sid

      I think Henry VIII government were a bit worse, what with burning down the Monasteries and killing all those Catholics. And the Victorian Governments of Gladstone and Disraeli who decided to colonise most of Africa and a good part Asia are in some peoples book a little bit worse, not to mention the successive British Governments who supported the Slave trade.
      Then there were those that transported criminals to Australia, those that put people in jail for debt and homosexuality, those that allowed torture and executed people.
      Then there are all those Governments that didn’t give votes to poor people before 1867 and those who didn’t give the vote to women until 1918.
      My point is your comment that they are the most brutal odious Government in the history of British politics is just complete BS.

  • ‘Poor’ insulation is not the root cause of the problem.

    • Fred

      No, its the bloody cold winters.

  • me

    what do mps care they can afford to heat there home

  • geronimo

    Aother first for this etonian led filthy government,I am not surprised every time we have a tory led criminal gang like this they try to destroy the NHS,in fact it does not matter what it is they have to destroy it unless it it for the royals or their own bllody pockets


      You think labour are any different? If they get back in power nothing will change. They are all in it together. Taking sides is just how they want us.

  • Alan Bell

    The results of Thatcher’s privatisation policies of the 1980’s now made worse by the attitude of the current fascist coalition regime currently making working people’s lives a misery. The country is third rate and sinking into the mire deeper each day.

  • kinell

    One for you quiz lovers. In the Godfather when the Corleone family went legit, what did they invest in ?

    • Tim

      Old red telephone boxes.

    • Tell Sid

      I don’t know but it should have been Royal Mail shares.

  • keith sheasby

    Last week the HYPOCRISY, ARROGRANCE and GREED of MPs of all Parties reached new higher levels
    when the FREE PRESS which they are trying to GAG published lists of MPs whose FUEL bills we are paying for were published i noticed that the top three highest claiments were TORY MILLIONAIRES no surprise there then and number one on the list was commiting FRAUD by claiming for energy to keep his wifes horse riding stables heated. Come on people WAKE up and stand together against these PARASITES living of the backs of the British People Vote for UKIP and send a message to them.

    • Tim

      Most people who vote UKIP had previously voted Tory. So a vote for UKIP is really the same as voting Labour and it is only those two who can form a Government.