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Labour council looks to be the first to ban fracking

A Labour council in London is looking to become the first in the country to ban the controversial extraction process through planning laws

Brent Council wants to be the first to ban fracking

Brent Council wants to be the first to ban fracking

The pledge from Brent Council to do “everything it can” to stop fracking taking place comes just days after Public Health England said there was no real risk to health for members of the public through well managed and regulated extraction.

The council is instead choosing to back claims from Friends of the Earth which stated that the method of shale gas retrieval is dangerous and that it does indeed have the potential to create health issues for people who live in the vicinity.

Fracking may provide benefits but ‘would be dangerous’ in Brent

Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt said the council was not completely opposed to fracking in the UK, adding that it merely thinks any of the work carried out in the area could have implications for the drinking water in the region – which it believes could be polluted.

“While there may be advantages to fracking in some parts of the country it would be dangerous and reckless for companies to start drilling in Brent,” he said.

“I will do everything legally within my power to address the concerns of residents and keep Brent a frack-free zone.”

Butt was adamant that the council will have the right to oppose fracking when the time comes, stating that councils have powers that allow them to look after the rights of their residents.

He said his comments merely show that he will be prepared to oppose the controversial methods in the future, even though there are no plans for fracking in Brent at the current time.

Opposition becoming widespread

Residents in Bolton – which has been earmarked as an area in which fracking could take place – have been taking to the streets of the Lancashire town to ask their council to oppose extraction.

Friends of the Earth’s campaign co-ordinator, Elizabeth Shepherd, said: “Fracking is the use of more fossil fuel but it is not renewable energy and we need to prevent climate change.

“In America where they have been using fracking for many years there is evidence of it causing air pollution and contamination from the chemicals they use.”

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