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Ed Davey: Independence would push Scottish bills higher

Scottish households would face higher gas and electricity bills as they shoulder a higher percentage of renewables obligations if the nation becomes independent, Ed Davey has warned

Ed Davey believes Scottish independence would see the nation hit with higher bills

Ed Davey believes Scottish independence would see the nation hit with higher bills

Opinion polls now show that next year’s referendum is a closer race to call than ever before, with the ‘no’ votes only nine points ahead and 10% of Scottish people yet to decide which way they will vote, but Davey believes it would have a negative knock-on effect, the Financial Times reports.

He was speaking in the wake of the Scottish government’s document published earlier this week that laid out plans and challenges it would face if the country should vote yes to independence in 2014.

Scots face higher bills

Davey was scathing of Alex Salmond’s claim in the Scottish white paper that the country’s renewables would remain the most cost-effective way for the whole of the UK to meet its obligations on cutting carbon emissions, adding that this would leave Scottish households footing a larger proportion of bills.

“Scottish generation is now essential to ensuring the lights stay on across these islands: without Scottish generation and Scottish renewable energy, the spare capacity margin across the [British] grid would already be in negative figures,” the paper stated.

However, Davey countered by saying: “If Scotland votes for independence, and there can be no guarantee of support for renewables in Scotland from English, Welsh and Northern Irish consumers, Scottish consumers and industry could see price rises.”

At the moment, Scottish renewables systems are vital cogs in the move towards a renewable and green future. The country has harnessed offshore and onshore wind power as well as wave power.

Scottish government ‘naive’

This is the latest in a number of criticisms aimed at the Scottish government’s latest document, which has been described by pro-union politicians as being naive and lacking a plan B in the event that the nation is not able to keep the pound and other financial issues.

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