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Young people prefer green energy investment over property

A new survey has shown that the majority of young people would rather invest in green energy over any other venture, including property

Brits aged between 18 and 24 want to see more green investment

Brits aged between 18 and 24 want to see more green investment

A renewable future for the country looks like a real possibility with the vast majority of those aged between 18 and 24 saying that they would be very disappointed if their money was to be invested in any companies that were damaging the environment in any way.

The news comes as the government looks to make another push on the renewables sector, with the latest statement from the government pushing forward offshore wind farms as a way to bring about an upsurge in renewable production.

Young Brits go green

The study, carried out by One Poll, found that the number one investment option for young people at the moment is green energy.

Some 43% of the nation as a whole said that property would be where they look to put their money, while 33% said that they would prefer to look at renewable energy options such as solar and wind power.

Renewables were far more popular than other types of energy production, with only 23% saying that they would prefer to invest in coal and gas and other areas of the energy market.

The biggest factors when considering which area to invest in for Brits are risk and return, which make up 72% and 75% of opinion on the matter respectively.

The survey also found that Brits see renewable energy as being a relatively low-to-medium-risk investment option, with 55% saying this is the case.

It was also discovered in the poll that one of the biggest contributors to Brits’ decision is now the impact their investment will have on the environment, with 75% saying they would not invest if they thought a company was damaging the planet.

Figures are ‘groundbreaking’

Bruce Davis, co-founder and joint managing director of Abundance Generation, the company that commissioned the study, said the results showed something of a paradigm shift in the energy market.

“These results are really quite ground breaking. We’re now not only seeing majority public support for renewable energy, but people actively wanting to put their money in it too. Britain is a nation in love with property, so it’s no wonder this is at number one, but to see renewables favoured above old energy is a great vote of confidence in the sector,” he said.

Davis continued: “We know that from the rapid take up of crowd funded renewables investors are actively looking for inflation beating returns. People would much rather get them through investing in the real economy in assets that they can see, trust and believe in.”

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