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Northumberland residents encouraged to switch

Residents in Northumberland are to be encouraged to switch energy suppliers through a local scheme that could see them save up to £120 on their energy bills

According to the local authority, residents could save up to £120

According to the local authority, residents could save up to £120

According to the local council a large level of interest was shown in the scheme, under which the group responsible looks to arrange bigger discounts by contracting out energy supplies to certain providers.

It will come as a welcome piece of news for those homeowners worrying about the cost of their energy bills this winter, especially given that the big six companies have each increased what they are going to be charging their consumers from this winter onwards.

Hundreds to save

The Morpeth Herald reports that as many as 409 people have signed up to the local authority’s Ready to Switch scheme this year in a bid to lower their outgoings, which makes use of “collective bargaining” to bring down the cost of energy.

It is part of a bigger collective that spans the whole country. Nationwide, there are some 54,000 homes signed up to the scheme across 70 local authorities, making the savings for their consumers more likely with a bigger bargaining power.

Northumberland County Council Policy Board member for Planning, Housing and Regeneration Allan Hepple said: “The council has played a major role in helping residents save money through this scheme. Since it launched in 2012, 900 people have made a switch in Northumberland and saved on average £110 on their energy bills.

“The success of this auction means that those who signed up are one step closer to making some crucial savings.”

Offers being sent

It is hoped that the households that have signed up to the scheme in Northumberland will soon be able to make savings of up to £120, with personalised offers being sent to those who opted in.

In these, the savings that they will be able to make are laid out so they can see what will be the better deal for them and their personal situation and usage under the collective bargaining scheme.

One of the biggest issues that many have with switching will also be addressed according to the news provider. It said that those who accept the offer will be switched automatically without having to go through any other stresses or worries about how to do so.

The auction to decide which providers would become a part of the scheme was held just last month, and it was decided that ScottishPower, Green Star Energy and British Gas will be able to offer a range of different products to consumers as a result.

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