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Rotherham residents back energy petition

Residents back campaign for the government to freeze energy prices, as well as receiving warm packs and information on how to stay warm this winter

Residents back plans to switch to freeze energy prices

Residents back plans to switch to freeze energy prices

Nearly 300 people signed a petition that backs the freezing of energy bills to help the fuel poor save on their expenditure at this time of year. 

The news shows that some sections public are behind Ed Miliband’s call to freeze energy prices in the UK for 20 months from 2015, if the Labour party wins the general election.

Freezing bills ‘fastest way to help’

The Rotherham campaign was set up by Wentworth & Dearne MP John Healey in early November, who looked to rally support in the South Yorkshire town by setting up stalls to give locals information and sign them up to the cause.

The MP told the Rotherham Advertiser: “Freezing gas and electricity bills is one of the fastest ways we can support the local economy and help people struggling with the rising cost of living.

“Year after year, we’re seeing inflation-busting price hikes and the Government need to get a grip of the problem.

“David Cameron could bring in an energy bill freeze immediately, and people in Rotherham are sending a strong message that he should.”

Advice handed to locals

In addition to the petition, Healey also looked to hand out information to people in the area who are struggling to keep their homes warm this winter.

Residents were given tips that would help to reduce their usage this year, subsequently helping to bring down the cost of their bills.

Some locals were also given ‘warm packs’ which contained items designed to keep them warm throughout the cold period. It included items such as a hot water bottle, socks, blankets, gloves and a thermostat.

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