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Six great ways to save money on your energy bill in 2014

Festive spending left you out of pocket? Have a look at some of our top tips on how to save energy and money in 2014

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Save money in 2014 with our energy saving tips

This winter saw each of the big six energy companies put their prices up and despite these being curbed by cuts to green levies, the vast majority of people will see their energy costs rise in 2014. What follows is a list of tips and tricks to help get your energy bills under control this year.

1. Switch your energy provider

Recent research carried out by uSwitch found that just 38% of homes in Britain have changed their gas and electricity provider. This means the majority of the country continues to overpay for their energy. Run a quick, free price comparison to save up to £350*on your bill.

There are plenty of different options out there for anyone looking to switch to a better energy tariff. You can lock energy rates for up to three years with a number of fixed price tariffs, select a variable plan and hope rates don’t go up, or even pick a tariff that uses ‘green’ methods to produce energy.

*Between 1 June 2013 and 30 November 2013, more than 10% of people who changed energy provider for gas and electricity with uSwitch saved a minimum of £350

2. Turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them!

An oldie but a goodie. Research from the Energy Saving Trust found that Brits waste between £50 and £86 every year powering appliances which aren’t being used. Just think of all the energy those new video game consoles and gadgets are going to drain when you’re not even in the house.

Do yourself and the environment a favour: if it’s not in use, turn it off.

3. Energy saving gadgets

There are plenty of these out there and of course some are far better than others. Popular items include radiator boosters, which increase the efficiency of your heaters, radiator keys, to make sure your heater isn’t full of air, and plug-in thermostats, to control when the heating is on.

4. Talk to your supplier about installing a smart meter

uSwitch research found that households which already have smart meters are enjoying more accurate billing and higher satisfaction rates in relation to their energy suppliers. 92% of survey respondents said they were happy the equipment was installed and a further 87% said they would recommend getting a smart meter.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch, referred to the study as “the clearest evidence yet that smart meters will be a game-changer for consumers.”

5. Help friends and family switch their provider

Already switched your energy provider? How about helping out someone who’s not so savvy. It’s easy to help someone else find a better energy deal, just be by their side as they run a comparison or make a phone call. You know how easy it is to save, but not everyone is as confident using the internet. Join the conversation and get more information with #giftaswitch.

6. Make your home more energy efficient

When it comes to saving energy there are plenty of things you can do to improve your home. Wall and loft insulation will help keep you warm and ensure heat doesn’t keep seeping out through your roof, walls and windows. Draught proofing is a cheap way to keep the heat in during winter.

If you’re interested in any of the above it’s worth checking out the government’s Green Deal scheme. The scheme essentially offers a loan to those looking to improve their homes’ energy efficiency status. You can find out more in our Green Deal guide section.

You can find plenty of other ideas in our energy saving guides.

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  • Paul Ritz

    These are great money saving tips! This will surely decrease your energy consumption and get you to save some cash for other spending needs.

    • Michele Martinelli

      Glad you enjoyed them Paul, hope they help you make some great savings in 2014!

  • Ian

    L.E.d. light bulbs and lights save 90%


    My consumption is Gas: 20247 kWh and Electricity: 7346 kWh. per year. I am on the EDF Blue + Freeeeze March 2017 dual fuel on a monthly direct debit. I could save 350 a year with Scottish Power by moving. Do I stick or move?

    • Michele Martinelli

      The EDF Blue + Freeeeze March 2017 doesn’t have an early exit fee so feel free to leave for a better deal. You can run a comparison here –

    • Rubes

      I am with Scottish Power, prices just dropped 3%, go for the ”HELP BEAT CANCER PACKAGE 2017”
      They are very good, any problems soon sorted.
      In my 4th year with them.

  • Lyn Griffiths

    I moved to British Gas on the 26 Sept 2013 – I had seen their TV advertising campaign on the joy and efficiency of the SMART METER and as the advertisement said by switching to BG I could save energy and thereby I assume save money. Before I got around to contacting BG for more information they unexpectedly called me and their adviser explained how the smart meter worked, I signed up there and then via their phone call to me. Since then I have not heard from them about the free installation of this Smart Meter to my property. However, I did contact them many months later and was told they had not rolled out the Smart Meter to my area at that time. Oh yes, they also told me the cost of installation was normally in the region of £40.00 but if I signed up straight away on that September day in 2013 I could take up their offer of FREE installation a one off special offer.
    I am still with British Gas until I get a better deal from another energy company and the smart meter, never been installed nor have I heard any further news on said SM from BG – I have now lost all interest AND the adviser at the time never mentioned it would take a year or more for installation to be available.

  • david

    before November 2013 their was no standing charges at all.

  • david

    to all consumers of energy ask why do we have to pay the standing charge?

  • david

    to all concerned this was done by the levies has put bills up.

  • david

    if all the customers of England moaned at the same time the companies would have to
    take away the standing charge or reduce it to make fair for come on England wake up.