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Five great energy saving gadgets for your home

Cut your gas and electricity bill with this selection of eco-friendly gadgets

Google's acquisition of Nest could lead to a wide range of smart energy saving gadgets

Google’s acquisition of Nest could lead to a wide range of smart energy saving gadgets

With recent uSwitch research revealing that 81% of those with smart meters use them to reduce their energy consumption, we decided to have a look at what other appliances can help you save energy.

Interest in energy saving gadgets is picking up and Google’s recent purchase of Nest Labs, a company which develops smart thermostats, is evidence that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Standby savers

It is estimated that in the UK, about 15 million TVs are left on standby for much of the day. Turning these — and the countless other appliances we leave on standby — off, would save the country both money and energy.

The solution? Get a standby saver. These appliances turn off your gadgets when not in use instead of leaving them on standby, and exist in multiple formats. Some are motion sensitive and switch everything off when you leave the room, and others simply turn off a single appliance when it’s not in use.

You can even buy a text-controlled standby saver which turns appliances off when you send it a text message! Prices range from £15 all the way up to £150.

2. Treat yourself to an ECO kettle

Are you planning to update your kettle this year? If so, why not pick up an ECO Kettle? This appliance was recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and will save you an average of 30% of energy every time you make a cup of tea. The device lets you select exactly how much water you want to boil and a handy reservoir ensures you don’t need to top it up every time you’re making a fresh pot.

According to The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA): “If everyone boiled only the water they needed to make a cup of tea instead of ‘filling’ the kettle every time, we could save enough electricity to run practically all the street lighting in the U.K.”

Energy saving kettles typically cost between £20 and £50.

3. Energy saving light bulbs

According to the Energy Saving Trust, switching from a regular light bulb to an energy saving light bulb can save you £3 every year. So how many bulbs do you have in your home? Replacing just 10 could save you £30 a year!

4. Radiator boosters

Simple-yet-effective is the best way to describe this energy saving appliance. Costing between £20 and £30, a radiator booster is a small fan which spreads the heat stuck behind your radiator around the room.

This process ensures your room is heated more effectively and means you can turn the thermostat down. On the downside, some radiator boosters make a bit of noise and are not easy on the eye.

5. Stick to your old video game console

OK, so this isn’t really an energy saving gadget, but research carried out by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that the new Xbox and PlayStation use as much as three times more energy than previous consoles. According to sust-it, Sony’s original PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii use the least amount of electricity.

Want more energy saving tips and tricks? Check out our energy efficiency guides.

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