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Energy myths cost Scots £369m every year

Research shows half of Scottish households believe it is cheaper to have their heating on low all day than to turn it on only when required

Energy myths costs Scots £369m each year

Energy myths costs Scots £369m each year

The survey, which was commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust, found that Scotland as a whole could save up to £369m if certain energy myths were dispelled.

The results were published  as part of Big Energy Saving Week 2014.

Common energy myths

Amongst the energy myths which the research sought to dispel is belief that electrical appliances which are plugged in do not waste electricity as long as they are switched off and that screensavers on desktops and laptops helped save energy.

Each of the above are energy myths, yet were believed by roughly one third of Scottish households.

In addition, one-quarter of respondents incorrectly stated that turning the heat up to a high setting will make the temperature in their homes rise faster. Another one-quarter did not think energy saving light bulbs were compatible with typical light bulb fittings.

‘Heartening to see that a lot of people are doing the right thing in the home to save energy’

Mike Thornton, director of ­Energy Saving Trust Scotland, said: “While for certain actions a portion of the Scottish public think they are saving energy when they’re not, it’s heartening to see that a lot of people are doing the right thing in the home to save energy.

“We know it is important for the Scottish public to stay warm and cosy in their homes. But for the majority the most cost-effective way to do this is to turn the heating on and off or up and down when required rather than leaving it on all day at a lower temperature. This ensures heat is not wasted and your home will be at a ­comfortable temperature.”

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