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Five environmentally friendly energy saving apps

Looking for an energy saving app? We've put together a list for you

Looking for an energy saving app? We’ve put together a list for you

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Nest Mobile

Nest Labs, the company recently purchased by Google for $3.2bn, has developed an app which can link to your Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. You can use Nest Mobile to adjust the temperature within your home as well as receive notifications of events, such as an alarm going off or low battery levels in a Nest appliance.

Nest Mobile provides you with data from the past ten days from your thermostat and allows you to manage your energy consumption from a distance. Stuck working late in the office one day? Use Nest Mobile to turn off your heating and avoid wasting energy.

Compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Loop Energy Management

Loop’s app acts as a personal energy assistant and tracks the amount of energy which is used in your home. The app helps you save money and energy by allowing you to set energy goals which you can match to your budget. It requires a Loop transmitter, which is an easy to install device that only requires an internet connection to get up and running.

Tracking real time energy use not only provides additional motivation for those looking to minimise their consumption, but also has other uses. One user was able to see when his children were playing video games instead of studying!

Available on Apple and Android devices.


Created by the University of Southampton, the GridCarbon app shows users the fuel mix currently being used in the UK. Users of this free app can match their energy consumption with periods of low demand, which will mean less CO2 being produced per kWh.

The fuel mix changes depending on the demand at any given moment, and consequently the higher the demand the higher the need to use more carbon intensive fuels. Data is updated every five minutes and users are informed whenever there is a moment of low or high carbon production.

Available on Apple and Android devices.

AlertMe Energy Map

This app lets you see how green your neighbours are, using data from DECC to compare energy consumption in your region to other areas of the UK. It provides information such as average energy spend per home, as well as what this equates to in terms of CO2 emissions.

So how does this help you? Well it shows you how you measure up to other households in the UK and lets you know if you’re an energy glutton. If your consumption is far higher than everyone else in your neighbourhood chances are you either live in a castle or could be doing more to diminish your usage.

Available on Apple devices.

Eco Charger

Let’s face it; we all leave our phones charging for longer than we should. This not only wastes electricity for no reason but can also damage your phone’s battery.

Eco Charger is a great app which lets you know when your phone is fully charged.  The app will cause your phone to either ring or vibrate when the battery is full and won’t stop until you unplug it. Install it across as many devices as possible and enjoy cheaper energy bills and longer battery life!

Available on Android devices

Special mentions

Al Gore – Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

Alright so this isn’t an energy saving app per se, but Al Gore’s educational tool is a wonderfully well-built interactive book which illustrates why saving energy is so important.

In “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” the American politician explores the causes of global warming through graphs, animations, photos and documentaries. The app costs £2.99 and all of Al Gore’s profits are donated to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

Available for Apple devices.


Again, BillSharingPanda is not strictly speaking an energy saving app, but it does allow users to split bills between flatmates. The idea was born from its developer’s frustration at living in a flatshare and having to deal with a raft of bill related complications every time someone left or moved in.

The website splits and keeps track of bills but uniquely works out how much everyone owes based on how long someone was in the flat. The invention should mean you spend less time arguing and more time with your feet up in front of the telly.

BillSharingPanda website.

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