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Energy bills have risen 55% in just 10 years

Research from the Office for National Statistics reveals huge increase in energy prices between 2002 and 2012

Energy costs have skyrocketed in the past 12 years

Energy costs have skyrocketed in the past 12 years

The decade between 2002 and 2012 saw energy bills rise by 55%, or, adjusting for inflation using the Consumer Price Index, from £69 per month in 2002 to £106 in 2012.

In addition, a higher cost of living, combined with slow salary growth led to households in 2012 spending 5.1% of their income on energy, up from 3.3% in 2002.

‘Energy is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many consumers’

Energy Expert at uSwitch Tom Lyon said: “Today’s figures highlight that energy is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many consumers. Our own research shows that the average annual energy bill for a household, using the same amount of gas and electricity each year, has rocketed by £800 or 169% from £472 in 2004, to an eye-watering £1,272 a year today.

“The impact of rocketing bills is clear and consumers are having to ration their energy use; over seven in ten households (73%) have gone without heating at some point this winter because of the cost and over a third (36%) say these cutbacks are affecting their quality of life or health. What’s more is that over eight in ten (83%) expect household energy to increase again this year which means these figures could be even higher by next year.

£284 difference between cheapest and most expensive plans

“However, rather than compromising on health, I would urge consumers to take a few simple steps which could help them keep a lid on bills.

“There is currently a £284 difference between the cheapest and most expensive tariff on the market, so shopping around could really put pounds back into pockets,” added Lyon.

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  • Paul Curtis

    That’s unless you use oil for heating. In which case the cost has gone up by over 700%

  • Phil Level

    I use coal, and despite the wholesale cost of coal being rock-bottom across the world it still keeps going up in price, which has doubled since 2002 so that’s 100%