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First Utility reclaims top spot on the cheapest energy plan table

First Utility's new plan is the cheapest available on the market

First Utility’s new plan is the cheapest available on the market

Update – There is a new cheapest plan

First Utility’s iSave Fixed May 2015 tariff will cost the average UK household £1,013 a year and carries £30 per fuel early exit fees. The plan allows consumers to fix their energy unit rates until May 2015.

The new tariff has replaced Ovo’s popular Cheaper Energy Fixed plan as the cheapest on average in the UK. Ovo’s tariff is priced at £1,015 and also carries £30 per fuel exit fees.

Small energy suppliers dominating the best table

Plans from the big six suppliers have been left trailing in the wake of this increased competition from smaller providers. In fact, First Utility’s new plan is £252 less expensive than the average standard plan provided by the big six.

British Gas’ Fixed Price May 2015 is the cheapest plan on offer from the big six, but costs a full £63 per year more than First Utility’s new plan.

Energy best buy table


Plan Name


First Utility

iSave Fixed May 2015


Ovo Energy

Cheaper Energy Fixed


Spark Energy

Direct Debit Advance 4


British Gas


Fixed Price May 2015



Online Fixed Price Energy June 2015



Price Fix June 2015


EDF Energy

Blue+Price Promise June 2015


Green Star Energy

No Worries Variable




1 Year Fixed Price (w/ paperless billing)



Based on a medium usage customer using 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas paying by direct debit (Spark requires this in advance) with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

‘Sign that competition stands a chance of survival in this market’

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch, said: “It’s fantastic to see the small energy suppliers battle it out to win customers, and is a sign that competition stands a chance of survival in this market. I strongly urge the big six to join in this contest and up their game if they want to hold onto their customers, who could very easily be lured away by competitive prices and a fresh start.

“Consumers need to sit up and grasp these competitive deals with both hands. There is currently £286 between the cheapest and the most expensive energy tariff proving that there is plenty to gain by shopping around.”

‘First Utility: Giving our customers peace of mind’

CMO of First Utility Ed Kamm said: “We are always looking for ways to help our customers spend as little as possible on their energy and that is why we have now launched the cheapest tariff on the market.

“Giving our customers peace of mind and putting more money in their pockets is something we feel very strongly about.”

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  • buckclean

    Buyer beware of the FU offers – just being cheap or even the cheapest is not everything, not even close – wait until you want some customer service because they have not taken a monthly DD for three months and then they DD your account for 500 pnds when they were specifically asked on FOUR occasions NOT to take the DD in one fell swoop – they are in a bad way this company – they have a major glitch with their accounts system and as I say did not bill us for over three months – I WAS WITH THEM FOR FIVE YEARS but it counts for nothing they still gave better offers on tariffs to new customers – Oh and they lost ALL my usage records so I could no longer compare my usage for gas/electric over preceding 5 years online – as I say beware as I think they have some serious software problems – why else would they not bill a customer for three months? I told them FU and have switched using the BIGCOMMUNITYSWITCH

    • Mike A

      buckclean – I sympothize and agree totally with your concerns. I have been with FU since Sep ’13 and only received a bill a few weeks ago (May ’14), needless to say the bill was wrong and overcharged (still not got a revised bill). They have held wrong tariffs against my account and the on-line system is a joke, despite providing monthly reads the system tells me I have no reading history. I escalated my complaint to their CEO in early March ’14 and again on the 15th May this time giving him 10 days to tell me when the problems will be put right – still no answer as 9th June so rang and again received several promises – lets see!! I have finally got them to agree that my Direct Debit monthly payment is overstated and has now been reduced to the value I have stated. Price is not everything and customers need to think very carefully if they do switch to FU as the customer service is not as stated on the FU website – it is totally rubbish. In my view FU have major billing system problems, which have to be resolved before they can hope to manage the substantial growth in customers they appear to be achieving.

  • L Chen

    Agree. Things are easy with FU if you don’t need customer service. I struggle to reach anyone by phoning the customer service number. I was once holding the line for 42 minutes before giving it up. Another time I was told I was the 37 in the queue, which I did not bother to continue holding. You can email customer service, but you may not have the answer to your question.
    Two months after joining, I was asked to increase the DD payment by over 30%, while my account was in credit. While FU credit control confirmed by email they will not, in my case, to make the increase, they still did in anyway. It took three emails plus two calls to credit control (where they give the number for you to make extra payment over your DD, so there is a better chance to have your call answered) to get an agreed action to refund the extra they shouldn’t have taken in the first place. Guess what, it took much longer to get the action sanctioned. Another thing, DD should be monthly payment arrangement. But when I changed my payment date on line, they just took TWO payments in one month. I’m yet to deal with this, which I anticipate repeated emails before seeing any result.
    Be fair, it is easy if you don’t have issues or just go along with whatever you are asked to pay. FU like your account in credit.

  • I work with the company at the moment I have realised how bad this company actually is I mean Peoples Direct Debits not going out the customer service team don’t do anything to help you….. I’m new hear but they have lots of glitches in there systems like really bad !

    • Satisfied with EDF

      If that is the standard of English of FU’s employees, I’m not in the slightest surprised that their systems seem to be useless and non-working.

  • @buckclean:disqus You’re so right…

  • cm_burns

    Mr CM Burns himself would be better running an energy firm than these guys. The author of this article should be fired for promoting such an awful firm.
    Anyone who willingly goes to First Utility after reading up on the company ought to be sectioned, they would be clinically insane.
    I sadly didn’t do my research and am paying for it now…… There are not enough expletives in existence to describe First Utility and their management.

    • cm_burns

      Saying that emailing the entire board with my tale of woe did yield worthwhile results…… 🙂

      • Yes I got an actual person ringing me in the end when it was all too late for them to help me or make a difference – you can tweet them and they respond so they do have people who can operate a key/board/pad – amazing! – unprompted I got a huge credit on my last bill which was apparently for some errors they had made on my account but I have NO IDEA how they worked it all out – completely impenetrable bill make-up – who knows if it is right now – and I even got offered 30 quid compensation during the phonecall for all the agro – NEEDLESS to say they have not kept their promise and paid it to me and I doubt i will ever see that money back – have cancelled my DD now and sent them a final cheque to close account and move on to OVO – have no doubt I will get more agro from them – probably send in bailiffs or something – they are a bunch of incompetents – or at least THAT IS THE IMPRESSION THEY GIVE BY THEIR CS – how else can I judge them?

  • Just to update I was promised £30 to compensate for my awful experience after sticking with these new boys for 4+ years and lo and behold they promised it but did they deliver it NO they did not… Avoid this company

    • Finally got their ex-gratia payment of 30 quid – tbh rather have had some decent service – had NO CONFIDENCE in their systems – had bill that was unfathomable then large credit I did not even know I was due so I could have been overcharged by 180 pounds – reulst is I really do not know if I was ripped off or charged for what I used – unbelieveable

  • Kev

    Here’s a sneaky thing. First Utility claim to maintain fixed pricing for the duration of a contract however they can, and have changed the cost. So not quite “fixed price”. Bumped me up by £30 a month. Here’s their relevant FAQ:

    What’s the difference between “fixed price” and “fixed direct debit”?
    If you are on a “fixed price” tariff it means the standing charge and unit rates of your energy are fixed until the end of the fixed price period, it doesn’t mean your monthly payments will stay the same. Fixed Direct Debit means that you’re paying for the energy that you actually use. Based on the information you gave us when you first signed up, we’ve estimated your annual usage and broken this into fixed payments that you make every month. These stay the same until we reassess your payments and compare them with your usage a bit later in the year.

  • Les cooper

    I switched to F.U last year .it took 8 months and still can’t see my online bill due to ( they say) a problem with my account don’t switch RUBBISH

  • GTMacc

    Stay well away from first utility, moved to what was supposed to be
    cheapest deal last year but my energy bills doubled! now with been OVO for
    the last few months and bills have halved!.

  • Marion Findlay

    I have been having my bills messed up for months. This company keeps cancelling previous bills and recalculating them. I am now unable to keep track of what I am paying they are so unreadable and difficult to know if what they doing from month to month.

  • Mazdabright

    Just spent 45 minutes waiting to talk to CS about a sudden raise in the DD required, They had all most halved the payment from 90 to 56 for 2 months before I noticed, and requested it be raised to £70 a month. Now in 81.00 credit and they want to raise it to £103 per month, there staff in the first instance were brilliant agreed to fix it for this month at 70 and put me thro to the reaccessment team, ended up with a muppet from credit control who couldn’t help or answer I lost the plot and hung up in the end, so another customer will be leaving at the end of contract. When will these companies learn without customers there is no business

  • FL

    Same problems. I had no response to my communications. Online communications are ignored and you can’t get through on the phone. It went on for one year, then I received an email saying ‘Your new First Utility bill is now available to view online’. I logged on but there was no bill, just a message saying I have no services with First Utility. Around the same time a card was put through the door saying they had come to read the meters but couldn’t although the gas meter is outside. There were no details on the card to submit my own readings or contact details for First Utility. I had no email or letter notifying me that they were going to start taking money from my account, I then found £360 had been taken and caused that account to be overdrawn for a month. I have no way of finding out how they calculated the amount withdrawn.
    I’m cancelling the direct debit to put the onus on them to sort it out and provide me with a bill. switching suppliers.