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SSE customers last to benefit from cuts to energy bills

The supplier will finally pass on savings from government led reductions to energy bills, four months after they were first announced

SSE is the last of the big six to announce a price reduction

SSE is the last of the big six to announce a price reduction

The gas and electricity supplier will implement the cuts on 24 March, resulting in the average customer’s dual fuel bill falling by £38 per year. Customers will receive a further £12 rebate later on in the year, as part of the Government’s changes to energy company obligations.

The cuts will not, however, cancel out the winter price rises and customers can expect to pay roughly £55 more in 2014 than in the previous year.

Cuts implemented four months later

The Government first announced reductions to green levies almost four months ago and since then every one of the big six had passed on these savings with the exception of SSE.

uSwitch research has shown that energy customers as a whole have not been impressed by how the big six have implemented the cuts. Only 6% of respondents felt the process was fair and a further 66% are disappointed with the overall impact of the reductions on their bills.

‘A case of ‘better late than never’’

Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch Ann Robinson said: “It’s definitely a case of ‘better late than never’ for SSE customers. Any relief from ever-increasing energy bills has to be a good thing, but having to wait up to three months longer than other customers to feel the benefit of the levy cuts will no doubt rankle.

“Almost three quarters of homes have gone without heating at some point this winter to keep energy costs down and over a third say that cutting back on energy has affected their quality of life or their health.

“While the price cut is welcome, consumers can reduce their energy bill further by switching to a better deal. There is an almost £300 difference between the cheapest and most expensive tariff on the market, which means consumers could stand to save a great deal more if they’re currently on an old-fashioned and expensive standard tariff.”

Energy best buy table


Plan Name


First Utility

iSave Fixed May 2015


Ovo Energy

Cheaper Energy Fixed


Spark Energy

Direct Debit Advance 4


British Gas


Fixed Price May 2015



Online Fixed Price Energy June 2015



Price Fix June 2015


EDF Energy

Blue+Price Promise June 2015


Green Star Energy

No Worries Variable




1 Year Fixed Price (w/ paperless billing)



Based on a medium usage customer using 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas paying by direct debit (Spark requires this in advance) with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

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