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UN calls for planet to treble use of renewable energy

New research suggests that unless action is taken now, global temperatures could rocket by 2°C

The UN has warned that sustainable energy use must treble

The UN has warned that sustainable energy use must treble

The report, which is due to be officially unveiled this coming Sunday, is expected to call for a “massive shift” in the way energy is consumed across the globe.

According to BBC News, the research will also suggest a shift towards natural gas in order to reduce reliance on potentially more damaging energy sources such as coal.

Third report in climate change series

The research, which was conducted by the IPCC, is the third part of a series of papers on climate change.

The first report focussed on proving that climate change was a manmade phenomenon and the second considered the impact of global warming on people across the globe.

Emerging nations to ask for support to make green switch

The report is unlikely to be welcomed by many of the globe’s leading economies as well as a number of developing countries. The latter have argued that changing their energy infrastructure to take advantage of more green energy sources, is a cost which should be borne by all nations.

Experts expect the report to highlight the fact that green technology capable of providing energy for much of the world already exists and it is now a matter of putting the relevant infrastructure in place.

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