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Wind power blows away competition

Wind energy has been voted the most popular energy source in the UK

wind farm

Wind power is Britain’s favorite source of energy

A new survey carried out by the Guardian has revealed that almost half of Brits would welcome an onshore wind farm, within a five mile vicinity of their home.

In stark contrast just 20% said they would welcome a coal powered energy station to their neighbourhood and 27% a nuclear power plant. Fracking was the least popular option, with just 19% of respondents saying the practice would be welcomed in their area.

The survey was taken by 2,000 UK residents, from a wide variety of locations and with contrasting incomes and political allegiances.

Wind championed across party supporters

In terms of political preferences, wind enjoyed a wide range of support with 56% of Labour voters, 45% of Ukip supporters and 39% conservatives backing the energy source.

Interestingly, only 32% of respondents said energy prices would influence their choices when it comes time to vote for the next national election, although 81% said they were concerned about rising energy costs. A further 52% are worried about carbon emissions and 51% about possible power cuts.

The study follows recent comments from Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who asked planners to give locals more say when it comes to their concerns over wind farm developments. The Conservative party has also promised to decrease subsidies for onshore wind turbines if elected in 2015.

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  • gscales631

    Well, its the Guardian, which makes me wonder about the results. They are also oddly different to other surveys I have seen recently.

    I have no idea why wind only gets a bit less than 50%, while a full coal power station gets 20%. That surprises me alot. Which 20% would actually be happy with a coal power station? And gas fracking pads get 19%. Again a surprise, given the protesters and their willingness and ability to spread misinformation about it. The protesters say it will end the world, destroy the country, lead to mass poisoning and still nearly 1/5 of people are happy with it within 5 miles of their homes. Maybe they are the people with geology degrees who actually understand it.

    What makes me most suspicious though is that we don’t see the questions and the only energy type we get any data on is wind. Why do we get a political breakdown for wind and not the other energy sources? Support for fracking, for example, is at about 67% among conservatives and UKIP as per the Nottingham University study that was recently widely published as it shows support for fracking at 49.7%. Did they see this in their data and just decide not to publish it because it would make wind look worse?

    And 27% happy with a nuclear plant within 5 miles of their home – more than are happy with a gas plant hidden behind trees measuring 165 square meters positioned every 5 miles. And these are people who say they are concerned about relative safety risks, safety of their children and the affect on their view?

    And what does it even matter when you compare technologies everyone is familiar with with ones hardly anyone has seen and that are vilified by protesters?

    This survey seems to have randomly surveys a very strange bunch of people indeed.