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npower responds to consumer complaints

Director of Communications for npower Guy Esnouf told Radio 5live listeners that if they had left the energy supplier before December and had yet to receive a final bill, it would be written off.

The statement was made following a number of former npower customers calling in to complain about the supplier sending them a large bill more than a year after leaving the supplier.

Left npower six months ago and not received a bill? It’s written off

Speaking on Radio 5live, Esnouf told listeners: “Anybody who left us before December, so six months ago, and hasn’t received a bill from us, then we are going to write that off.”

“We will write to them and say their account is closed, we are starting to write this week”, he said, adding, “Obviously, that doesn’t apply if there was previous debt they knew about.”

Customers who have been sent a bill are still expected to pay it, regardless of the time period it covers.

Bad billing rife within the energy sector

Recent research carried out by uSwitch found that for the eighth year in a row energy suppliers have been labelled the private companies most likely to bill consumers incorrectly.

One fifth of UK households said their homes had been wrongly billed by their energy supplier in the past two years.

In 2007, energy regulator Ofgem introduced the Back-Billing Principle. This states that energy suppliers cannot seek payment for unbilled energy use dating back by more than 12 months, if the fault lies with the supplier.

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