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Five more energy saving tips for summer

Make the most of the summer weather with our top tips on saving energy during the sunniest months of the year

Five tips to save energy and money during the summer months

Five tips to save energy and money during the summer months

You hear a lot about the need to save energy during winter, but did you know there are also actions you can take to keep your bills low during summer?

If you want more energy saving tips, check out our dedicated selection of guides.

1. Get everyone involved!

One of the best ways to save energy is to get everyone on board.  Educate everyone in your home about saving energy and how you can work as a unit to cut costs.

If you have children why not make one of them head of a “green team” and challenge them to spot any energy saving opportunities. You can also encourage everyone to spend less time in front of a screen and more time taking advantage of the sunshine. After all video game consoles are real energy guzzlers and the sun seldom comes out in the UK!

2. Work the kitchen like a pro

Summer is a time when light, refreshing food is particularly welcome and what is more refreshing than a salad? Save energy and get your body ready for the beach by cutting down on the amount of food you bake, boil or fry.

If you do need to heat something up, it’s worth knowing that the most energy efficient way to do this is using your microwave.

When it comes to washing up, it’s more efficient to use a (full) dishwasher and let the dishes air dry than it is to wash everything by hand.

3. Change your shower head

It is estimated that a household made up of four people will save £75 by fitting an eco-showerhead. The latter will reduce the amount of water you use every time you take a shower, without a noticeable reduction in power.

It’s worth asking your water supplier if they offer free eco-showerheads. Thames Water, for example, offer a range of water saving devices free of charge.

Feeling brave? Take only cold, short showers. These will not only prove very refreshing, but also help you save on your water and heating bill.

4. Switch to LED lightbulbs

This tip is not just for summer, but it’s still a great way to cut your bills.

A recent study carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) found that the average household could shave 80% off its lighting costs by switching from traditional bulbs to LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. The figure takes into account the cost of using an LED bulb over its five and a half year life cycle (£9.30), over that of using a traditional bulb (£135).

5. Insulate your home

Insulation doesn’t just keep cold air out during winter, it also keeps hot air at bay during summer. There are a lot of different types of insulation which you can consider and costs vary greatly.

If you are interested in insulating your home, it might be worth having considering the Government’s Green Deal scheme, which provides up to £7,600 in funding for energy efficiency improvements made to your home. You can find out more here.

Got any other tips? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • GJR

    It is incorrect simply to say that insulation “keeps hot air at bay during summer”. Closing the windows will do that, if the outdoor air is warmer than the indoor air. Insulating the outside of the walls will reduce heat transmission and potentially make it cooler indoors but also reduce the ability of the home to cool down at night (especially if the windows are closed). Insulating the inside of the walls can make it warmer indoors because it reduces the capacity of the walls to absorb heat from inside the home during the day and lose heat to the outdoors at night. External shutters at the windows are great for the summer but even drawing the curtains on the sunny side during the day can help to keep cool on hot days.

  • Lainey

    I’m tired of hearing about ways to reduce the cost of energy bills as I tend to do most of what is recommended anyway, it’s common sense really. I’m also fed up with my energy provider telling me they want to increase my monthly payments as THEY feel I am not paying enough to cover usage, b******s. It’s about time the Government told these companies to stop being so greedy but alas I feel they are part of the problem so this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  • The “green team” idea is a brilliant way to get kids involved, plus there’s less compromise with fun to save energy!

    Household could also save more energy during summer (and throughout the year) by adopting smart technology to help control heating and cooling energy being used in the home.

  • telmac

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    be secure in the knowledge that a) you will get one of the cheapest
    deals on the market AND b) a 3% interest bonus on any funds left in your
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