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SSE has lost almost half a million customers in 2014 so far

The big six supplier blamed competitive market conditions for the exodus

Ofgem fines SSE record £10.5 over mis-selling

SSE has lost just under half a million customers this year

SSE has seen its customer base fall by 110,000 in the past three months, despite a recent pledge to freeze gas and electricity prices until January 2016.

The energy giant lost an additional 370,000 customers in the first three months of 2014, following winter price hikes.

SSE is the second largest energy supplier in the UK and supplies 8.99 million households as of June.

The big six suppliers – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, ScottishPower, SSE – have been under increasing pressure from small suppliers throughout much of 2014.

More people happy to switch to independent suppliers

According to a recent uSwitch study, the percentage of people who would consider moving to an independent supplier to save money has gone up to 76%. This represents an increase of almost one fifth compared to last year.

The big six suppliers have come under much criticism for their energy price rises and are currently being investigated by Ofgem and the Competitions and Markets Authority. The investigation will be finished in June 2015,

Small suppliers dominate best buy table

At present the energy best buy table is topped by Co-operative Energy’s Fair & Square tariff, which will set the average household back £989 per year. It includes £25 per fuel cancellation fees. Unlike other plans, customers who sign up to this deal are required to send quarterly meter readings, or could potentially be moved a more expensive standard plan.

The cheapest plan from one of the big six is EDF Energy’s Blue+Price Promise February 2016. The later costs an average of £1,049 and will fix prices until February 2016. It does not carry any cancellation fees.

Best buy energy table

Top 5 best buy plans paying by monthly Direct Debit*


Plan Name (POR)

Average Bill Size

Tariff type

Cancellation fee

End date

Co-operative Energy

Fair & Square



£25 per fuel


First Utility

iSave Fixed September 2015 (v27)



£30 per fuel


Extra Energy

Fixed Price September 2015 v11



£25 per fuel


Green Star Energy

No Worries 12 Months Fixed 1406



£30 per fuel

12 months

Flow Energy

Thames Online Fixed September 2015



No cancellation fee


* Based on a medium usage customer using 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas paying by direct debit with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

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  • Chris Oliver

    It’s great to see 1000’s moving away from the BIG Six. Although why does it still take 4 to 6 weeks to actually switch suppliers when it’s only an admin exercise. If this were reduced to 3 days far more people would be switching ….

  • Dennis Marmion

    I have found that SSE have over many years never let me down. My prices are fixed for 2 years for my dual fuel. Not only that but I would happily pay a little extra for the excellent service I receive from the only wholly owned BRITISH large supplier. All other major suppliers go under false names and are owned by French, German and Spanish companies in the main!!! Go Britain Go when it comes to power!!!

    • james lloyd

      i completely agree with you.
      i have been with SSE since 2008 and they have never let me down and always provided a top rate excellent service with a customer support second to none.

      to top it off an easy to use and very functional website where you can see your usage and provide metre readings ….etc …etc.

      previously used powergen / scottish power / british gas…and would never again.

  • Chris

    For the first time ever, I’m happy to move from the big six cash cows. Yes I’ve had excellent service but the big six just have one motive, to fleece as much out of you as possible. I wanted to stay with a British supplier, but as Scotland wants to go it alone I’m more than happy with First Utility. I’m fixed until 2017 and have some certainty over my future prices. It took my electric 1 month to move but my gas for some reason was a lot slower and took over 3 months. They should be clamping down on this because this is basically an admin exercise! I did wonder at one point whether my gas would ever change over. Don’t be put off though as there are no real benefits for staying with the big six anymore.

  • Bob

    I switched to SSE (M&S Energy) at the end of last year from First Utility. I had no complaints with FU other than pricing uncertainty at the end of last year when I switched.
    I have been very disappointed with SSE’s billing system. I have logged my energy readings every month. but some have gone missing or even later ones substituted for earlier ones. Some quarterly bills have been re-calculated using readings one month later. A summary on a gas bill was worryingly mathematically nonsense. The total was correct but the figures making up the total were incorrect and did not come back to the total. I keep all my readings on a spreadsheet which I use to reconcile my bills. It is proving to be very frustrating when bills already calculated are re-calculated using later readings. I have to be very sceptitical that SSE billing system is fit for purpose. As a retired accountant I have managed to reconcile my bills but I am sure there must be many SSE customers having great difficulty in understanding what SSE is doing. In my view, no old bills should be re-calculated. Any corrections should be made on the next bill. When my fixed deal expires at the end of September I will more than likely have switched back to FU.

  • John Sykes

    I’m a pensioner in a small bungalow and with EDF, tied in to a 2017 dual fuel plan, with no penaly if I want to leave. I was with N power, dual fuel, since 2010 it was £50 per month then. By Oct last year they wanted £129 so I switched. EDF started at £89 but when I sent them my first reading the reduced it to £79. Last month I sent them another, it’s now £69. It took N Power four months to send me a final bill. And even though I was in credit by £130 when I left. Four months later I got £2.89.
    N Power should be disbanded by the government. And their board members and senior managers imprisioned as the crooks they clearly are.

    • BearofS2

      if I were you I’d talk to your local CAB about that as Npower should give you every penny of your credit by law in 28 days after you leave