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British homes waste £227m by leaving appliances on standby – infographic

Most consumers guilty of leaving gadgets and appliances on standby, despite knowing that this drains electricity

According to new research carried out by uSwitch, households across the UK are losing £227m, per year, by leaving their electrical appliances on standby.

Of those surveyed, 76% admitted to leaving electrical goods on standby and a further 38% said they did so all the time.

The average home leaves appliances on standby for a total of 51 hours every day. The items most frequently left on standby are TVs, phone chargers and digital television boxes. The latter cost the country an estimated £145m, every 12 months.


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Consumers ‘can’t be bothered’ to switch appliances off at the mains

As the number of people in possession of a mobile phone increases (now nine in 10), leaving phones to charge when batteries are already full is now costing the country £29m every year.

This is surprising as, although, 81% of consumers are aware that many items need to be switched off at the mains, 24% forget or just can’t be bothered to do so. In the same vein, 14% do not turn off their lights when they leave the house.

Standby ‘costs can quickly add up to a more substantial sum’

Speaking on the survey, Jules Greenidge, energy expert at uSwitch, said: “Although the average cost of leaving appliances on standby might not seem like a lot, these costs can quickly add up to a more substantial sum.

“With families struggling with the rising cost of living, simply remembering to turn off appliances at the mains when you’ve finished using them will avoid unnecessary standby expenses.

“Consumers can also reduce spending by switching to the cheapest tariff for their needs. So, by switching off and switching tariff, consumers will see instant savings.”

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  • SaNagbaImuru

    When did we start using US-style electrical sockets in British homes? Not impressed with the graphic.

  • Rob

    Would be interesting to know the cost of “always on” broadband routers.