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New supplier alert: Oink Energy enters the fray

Will the latest energy supplier bring home the bacon for energy consumers?

Oink Energy isn't the cheapest little piggie on the market

Oink Energy isn’t the cheapest little piggy on the market

Oink Energy offers a single energy tariff, which will cost homes a maximum of £1,198 per year, without exit fees.

In contrast, the two cheapest dual fuel deals available both cost under £1,000 on average and are fixed for a year, meaning energy rates are guaranteed for 12 months.

One of the supplier’s main advantages is the fuel mix it uses to produce its energy, which is largely dependent on combined heat and power (CHP). This energy comes from the heat given off by power plants, but also tomato nurseries in the UK.

The provider is an offshoot of independent energy supplier Green Energy.

A family of ‘four switched on, clever piggies’

According to the company press release: “Energy is a serious issue but it’s sometimes  pretty boring, so we created Oink and its family of four switched on, clever piggies who know all too well how important it is to use the right kind of energy in the right way.

“They’re savvy, informed and educated pigs that we hope will bring people closer to their energy provider; that’s pig thinking!”

Not the cheapest piggy on the market

Speaking on the launch of Oink Energy, Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, says: “It’s great to see another new entrant come onto the market to give the big six a run for their money – especially one that plans to make energy shopping a more enjoyable experience.

“It remains to be seen whether Oink energy will bring home the bacon. At a maximum cost of £1,198 for the average household, this is likely to be some distance from the cheapest deal on the market and more in line with the standard plans from the big six.

“At the end of the day, we all want great customer service and competitive prices. If Oink can live up to all its promises and deliver on these two counts, customers will be laughing all the way to their piggy banks.”

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  • Luke Hutchinson

    Good idea but there is no way to compare to this supplier , even on there site directly , you cant compare prices, I know it states its the same cost as a standard Big 6 tariff , but a standard tariff with the big 6 is the most expensive tariff to be on. The only way to actually compare to this provider is manually compare unit prices and standing charge , and for the “average Joe” this can be difficult so there plan to be “simple and fair” isn’t going to plan.

    • J 2 Tha B

      Little Luke giving it large! Bless Him.

    • K 2 Tha B

      Oink Oink luke 🙂

  • Guest

    Little luke giving it all large. Bless Him

  • bunmomma


    • Luke Hutchinson


      • bunmomma

        ‘Their’ belonging to someone ‘there’ a place to go ..

  • Guest

    Luke Shut UP!!!

  • J 2 Tha B

    Oink Energy isn’t the cheapest little piggy on the market!!!!!!

    • bunmomma

      this little piggy went ‘wee wee wee’ all the way to the bank!