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Why you should switch energy supplier now

time to switch supplier

With winter on the way, now is the best time to switch your gas and electricity

Although much of the UK has been enjoying relatively mild weather these past few weeks, that is more than likely to change in the near future.

Given that it takes between four to six weeks to change energy supplier, the best way to avoid overpaying on your gas and electricity is to switch to a cheaper deal before the weather takes a turn.

At present a number of independent suppliers are offering competitive, sub-£1,000 deals.

Energy best buy table

At the moment plans from Extra Energy and First Utility sit atop of the energy best buy table. Both cost less than £1,000 and have cancellation fees, although Extra Energy’s are £5 cheaper than First Utility’s.

Customers looking for a plan without cancellation fees should consider EDF Energy’s Blue+Price Promise March 2016, which will cost the average home £1,039 per annum. It also fixes rates for close to two years.

Top best buy plans paying by monthly Direct Debit**


Plan Name (POR)

Average Bill Size

Tariff type

Cancellation fee

End date

Extra Energy

Fresh Fixed Price Oct 2015



£25 per fuel


First Utility

iSave Fixed October 2015



£30 per fuel


Sainsbury’s Energy

Fixed Price October 2015



£30 per fuel


OVO Energy

Better Energy Fixed (Online)



£30 per fuel

12 months from going live

** Based on a medium usage customer using 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas paying by direct debit with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

Reclaim credit from your old energy supplier

If you switched energy supplier in the past six years while you were in credit to your old provider and did not send through a final meter reading, then you could be owed some money.

The big six suppliers are estimated to owe £153m to past customers and have since pledged to return this money as part of the “MyEnergyCredit” campaign. Click here for more details on how to reclaim your credit.

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  • Luke Hutchinson

    shame all of these deals have cancelation fee’s
    if energy prices come down , I know they are not likely to but you are then loosing the saving you’d have make from a price decrease by having to pay the exit fee.

    • bunmomma


      • L to tha U to tha K to tha E


        • J 2 Tha B


          • L to tha U to tha K to tha E


          • J 2 Tha B


          • L to tha U to tha K to tha E

            Sorry #JackTheIceGem

          • J 2 Tha B


          • A2daD2daA2daM


          • dobby

            were all going

    • Michele Martinelli

      If you want a deal with no cancellation fees, have a look at EDF Energy’s Blue+Price Promise March 2016. It will cost the average home £1,039 per annum, but fixes rates for close to two years.

      • L to tha U to tha K to tha E

        Hi , Thanks for your response , not a huge fan of EDF down to past experience , anyone else you would recommend with no exit fee , not wanting the longest fixed term , just a year or so will do

        • Michele Martinelli

          Well the EDF Energy plan is actually the cheapest with no
          exit fees. Next in line is ScottishPower’s Online Fixed Price Energy November 2015, which would cost the average home£1,045 per year. The next cheapest is npower’s Online Price Fix May 2016, which would cost £1,056.

          These are all indications though, the best way to check what
          a tariff would cost you is to run a quick comparison here –
          Hope that helps!

  • dobby

    Word to my homies

  • K 2 Tha B

    Now, now girlies, calm down

  • dobby

    wish I could control my excitement but its just too hard

  • Haltylyn

    I switched. WHAT A MISTAKE.
    Password didn’t work so could not access account.
    Tried e-mailing 3 times without reply
    Tried phoning. 3 times waited 25 minutes without response. 4th time was told 31 in the queue.
    Been to bank and stopped Direct Debit. WILL NOT be paying cancellation fee.
    Gone back to where I was.


    take care when comparing tarriffs….use the details from your latest bill….these are often different from those given by the tarriff comparison guide….also take care if your usage is low……the price for each killowatt is often higher with the perspective new supplier and a lower standing charge……you could catch a cold over the winter months

  • Norman

    Flow Energy has no exit fees and I got a great deal well under £1000

  • t cracknell

    as the price of gas was said to be related to the price of oil why hasn’t it dropped?