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It’s Gas Safety Week and it’s not too late to play a part!

Gas Safety Week 2014

Doug the Gas Safety Hero

Article by Sarah Hill, Stakeholder Relations Manager at the Gas Safe Register.

This year’s campaign is the fourth annual Gas Safety Week and it’s even bigger and better. We’re focusing on the great work of registered engineers and have been asking them to tell us how they’ve helped to keep a family, individual or community gas safe.

Engineers who’ve shared their stories have become Gas Safe Heroes – with some of their experiences posted on the Gas Safety Week website and shared with the press.  Some of these engineers are also standing alongside the Gas Safe Register and speaking to the press during the week to help raise awareness of gas safety issues.

Only employ registered engineers

Building on the successes of last year’s event, the Gas Safe Register is campaigning to get people to only use registered engineers and get their appliances checked annually. To encourage people to take gas safety seriously, the Register launched an interactive gas map and reminder service for Gas Safety Week 2013.

This year, we’ve made some important updates and we want even more people to visit, put in their postcode and see the dangers for themselves. We also encourage them to sign up for a free annual gas safety check reminder email.

We are also on tour, visiting some of the country’s most at risk cities as revealed by the gas map.  During the course of Gas Safety Week  we have been visiting city centres with our Gas Safe Hero phone box – which is fitted with an iPad so local residents can come down to the phone box and come check how safe their area really is.

This year, with your support, we can make Gas Safety Week the biggest and best yet.  Help us to keep the country gas safe and get involved!  It’s still not too late so please pledge your support on

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