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Consumers put energy bills ahead of Christmas celebrations

New study shows households will prioritise paying for energy over food ad Christmas shopping this winter

Switch energy ahead of winter

With winter on the way, consumers are advised to switch energy provider as soon as possible

A survey carried out by the Co-operative Energy found that just under half of all households felt covering their energy costs was their priority during the winter period.

In contrast, 16% identified Christmas as their most important area of spend and another 16% highlighted their family’s weekly shop.

A further 46% of homes added that they were more concerned about being able to afford their energy bills this year than in 2013.

The survey was carried out in August 2014, using an independent panel of 2,018 consumers.

Right time to switch to a cheap tariff

Winter is well on its way and temperatures are beginning to drop across the country. Consumers looking to avoid a drastic rise in their energy bills should consider switching to a cheaper gas and electricity deal as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that it takes between four and six week to switch, so the sooner you decide to change energy plan, the sooner you’ll be making savings.

Energy best buy table

Best Buy’ plans paying by monthly Direct Debit


Plan Name (POR)

Average Bill Size (£)

Tariff type

Extra Energy

Fresh Fixed Price Oct 2015 v2



First Utility

iSave Fixed October 2015 (v30)



Sainsbury’s Energy

Fixed Price October 2015



OVO Energy

Better Energy Fixed (Online)



The Cooperative Energy

Fair & Square October 2015



Green Star Energy

Rate Saver 12M Fixed 1408



EDF Energy

Blue+Price Promise March 2016




Online Fixed Price Energy November 2015




Online Price Fix May 2016



Woodland Trust Energy

Better Energy



Source: Based on a medium user customer using 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas, on a dual fuel plan, paying by monthly Direct Debit, with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

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