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Meet the small suppliers… OVO Energy

Find out more about new kid on the block OVO Energy, and what sets them apart from other energy suppliers

OVO Energy's staff

OVO Energy’s staff

There’s been a lot of talk about small energy suppliers in the past few months and with good reason. Independent providers have not only been topping the energy best buy tables, but also enticing hundreds of thousands of customers from the big six.

One of the most popular small suppliers is OVO Energy. The Bristol based supplier has consistently offered some of the cheapest dual fuel tariffs since last winter’s price rises and has managed to double its customer base to 350,000, in the past six months.

In addition, their Twitter feed is full of positive feedback, a sure sign they’re doing something right when it comes to customer service!

OVO Energy talks kitchen tables and not thinking like an energy company

We asked OVO Energy’s Shula Smith to tell us a bit more about the company, here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a bit about your journey from a barn to where you are now

Shula Smith: OVO Energy was created in September 2009 around a kitchen table in founder Stephen Fitzpatrick’s barn in the Cotswolds. As a new entrant to the energy market, challenging the might of the big six, we have consistently fought to deliver best value, innovation and customer experience, learning in the process a great deal about the barriers to entry and to growth.

What makes you different from the other gas and electricity suppliers out there?

SS: The first and one of the most important points is that we don’t think like an energy company. Most of the team come from great retail brands with outstanding track records on customer experience. We don’t all have energy backgrounds like you’d expect.  At OVO it’s all about our customers. We imagine a customer’s in the room when we make all of our decisions – if they wouldn’t like it, we definitely don’t do it.

We really believe in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and so we operate a principle of cost reflectivity. This means our prices always reflect the real cost of doing business, plus a fair margin. Right now we are competitively priced because we’ve passed on the drop in wholesale prices this year to our customers. We are also proud to be the only energy company to offer a 3% interest reward on all balances in credit.

Can you describe OVO’s philosophy in one sentence?

SS: Our business is built around what’s best for customers – we’re on a mission to restore trust and help drive a simpler, fairer energy market.

If you are interested in switching to OVO Energy, we recommend running a quick price comparison to find out how much a switch could save you.

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  • sharon

    I’m with OVO and I’m very happy to be one of there customers. I have no complaints. I switch from Npower who In my opinion were a load of crooks. I say no more .