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Is the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund making a comeback?

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Popular Green Deal Home Improvement Fund set to return

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat Conference, Energy Secretary Ed Davey, announced plans to bring back the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

The scheme will provide £100m of subsidies to those looking to insulate their home or make other energy saving improvements. Under the previous itineration each household was eligible for a maximum of £7,600 worth of funding.

More popular than original Green Deal

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was launched as an extension to the Green Deal, but has since proved far more popular than the original scheme, selling out just seven weeks after its debut.

“We will extend the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund that proved so popular earlier this year,” Davey said during his speech, adding, “New boilers, double glazing, better insulation, so that people can permanently cut their energy bills.”

The Department for Energy and Climate Change is expected to provide more details on who can apply for the new scheme and what home improvements will be covered by it, in late November.

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund terms

The original Green Deal Home Improvement Fund went live in June and allowed households to apply for up to £7,600 in funding, to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

The scheme sold out in seven weeks and was promptly stopped. Homes which successfully applied for funding were able to claim up to £1,000 for energy saving improvements, £6,000 for solid wall insulation and hundreds of pounds for assessments and other services.

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  • Mark Yates

    Well sure I mean whilst the Green Deal scheme had shut down earlier on last year after households grabbed all of the available £120m. The good news for home owners is that this Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is now back – though, for a limited time.

    To get started with Green Deal, the first thing home owners need to do, is to get an assessment carried out. This is easy to arrange and is best booked-in early, as demand for Green Deal will be big – so it’s important not to miss out. Finding a Green Deal assessor / provider is a good idea, so if you live in the North West then you can speak to the Green Deal specialists at STL Heating who’ll be happy to help you.