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Meet the small suppliers… Ecotricity


The Ecotricity team says “Cheese”

Ecotricity doesn’t go about things in the same way as your average energy supplier. Founded in 1995, the British energy producer immediately declared its mission was to change the way electricity is produced and consumed in the UK.

Why electricity? Because its production generates approximately 30% of the country’s carbon emissions – more than any other source.

Since then, Ecotricity has expanded its green offerings to include gas. First launched in 2010, the company’s “green gas” offering is mainly produced via food waste, but there are plans to build green gas mills in the UK.

The company also has no shareholders and as a result, is able to spend more on average per customer, than any energy company in the UK, on developing new sources of green energy.

Ecotricity on turning ‘bills into mills’ and keeping customers happy

To get a better idea of what makes Ecotricity tick, we had a chat with founder Dale Vince.

Can you tell us a bit about Ecotricity’s beginning and how you got to where you are now?

Dale Vince: Ecotricity was founded in 1995 as the world’s first green energy company. Our aim was, and still is, to change the way energy is made in Britain for the better. That means actually building green energy ourselves, as well as supplying it to customers.

We now power around 150,000 customers through our growing fleet of wind and sun parks. And our customers just love what we do.

What makes Ecotricity unique in the energy market?

DV: Firstly, great customer service: we always treat people how we would want to be treated ourselves; we topped the Which? customer satisfaction poll in 2014 and have had the lowest number of customer complaints in the industry for four years running.

Secondly, our fair and simple pricing: we have one simple tariff and everyone pays the same, regardless of when you joined us or how you pay, whether that’s by cash or cheque, direct debit or prepayment meter. Finally, our ‘bills into mills’ model: we make green energy as well as supply it, investing more per customer into building new sources of renewable energy than any other supplier in Britain.

Can you describe Ecotricity’s USPs in one sentence?

DV: We provide the greenest energy, the best customer service in Britain, coupled with ethical pricing; one tariff, one latest best price for everyone.

If you are interested in switching to Ecotricity, we recommend running a quick price comparison to find out how much a switch could save you.

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  • Dave

    If you drive an electric car being with Ecotricity is a no brainer. They give you £40.00 a year discount for the car and the Ecotricity rapid chargers along motorways and A roads give you a charge for free when you’re a customer. I’ve never needed to use their customer service, it all just works the way you expect.