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Meet the small suppliers… LoCO2

We have a chat with one of the independent supplies currently making waves in the industry

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Bob Middleton – CEO and founder of LoCO2

LoCO2 (pronounced “low CO2” not “loco 2”) is a relative newcomer to the energy market, but has already made an impact on the industry thanks to its innovative approach to providing electricity.

The supplier has a sister business, TLS Hydro, which owns a number of hydro plants which use water power to create electricity.

The independent supplier’s aim is to provide households with a green supply of energy that does not require them to shell out a fortune on energy bills.

LoCO2 talks renewable energy and sensible prices

We speak to LoCO2’sGillian Thompson about the energy suppliers’ green credentials and investing in hydropower.

Can you tell us a bit about LoCO2’s background?

Gillian Thompson: LoCO2 was started in 2009 as the retail arm of a group of companies under the Tradelink solutions group. Founded in 1997, the Group comprises three separate renewable energy companies which cover the entire energy supply chain, from production of renewable energy through to delivery to the end user.

Because we are both producers and suppliers, we have full transparency and control over the fuel mix we sell to our customers, and where we do not have enough of our own production capacity, we will carefully source additional renewable fuel through our select network of small independent generators.

What makes you different from suppliers on the market?

GT: We believe that domestic energy users should be able to access energy that is low carbon yet affordable, coupled with high standards of customer care. We have maintained this ethos in all that we do and have stuck to our motto of “sustainable energy at sensible prices”.

We build and operate our own hydropower stations and have a network of 9, soon to be 10, stations across the British Isles. Our mission is to carry on investing into British renewable hydropower to the benefit of our customers and the planet alike.

Can you describe LoCO2’s philosophy in a few words?

GT: LoCO2 Energy = low carbon emissions, low environmental impact, low cost to the consumer.

If you are interested in switching to LoCO2, we recommend running a quick price comparison to find out how much a switch could save you.

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  • James Sheerin

    When I reviewed my energy suppliers a year ago I was surprised to discover that LoCo2’s Planet tarriff (its 100% hydro powered one) was cheaper than my previous tarrif from Scottish Power. I also like the way most of their power plants make use of old hydro plants and/or sites which were used to supply power to industry in the last century so my electricity is generated not only by “recycling” the rain which falls throughout the year but by “upcycling” plant and machinery used to power industry in the past.