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Is the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund set for a comeback?

The government could be set to allocate part of a £100m fund to the second phase of the popular Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

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Don’t call it a comeback – The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is back

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) first launched back in summer and £8.5m were issued within the scheme’s first two weeks. The original initiative was closed within weeks of launch as the £120m available were applied for quickly.

The new funding is expected to be spread over a number of phases, including an initial launch this week and another next April. The first stage is expected to be made up of £35m to £50m.

Improving energy efficiency

The GDHIF is a government designed incentive, which was launched in June 2014 and aims to improve the energy efficiency of British homes. Under its previous iteration homes could apply for up to £7,600 worth of cash back and incentives, when installing energy efficient improvements. The latter included double glazing, new more efficient boilers and solid wall insulation.

Anyone interested in applying to the scheme had to have a Green Deal Assessment carried out, or have a recent Energy Performance Certificate for their home. All work had to be undertaken by a Green Deal Assessor.

The latest official figures show that £30m of the initial GDHIF have been used as of end October 2014. Approximately 8,750 energy measures have been implemented.

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  • Mark Yates

    Whilst the Green Deal scheme had shut down earlier on this year after households grabbed all of the available £120m. Good news is that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund It’s now back – starting tomorrow for a limited time.

    To get started with Green Deal, the first thing is to get an assessment carried out. This is easy to arrange and is best booked-in early, as it’s important not to miss out.

    So finding a Green Deal provider is a good idea, I spoke to STL Heating because I heard they do a good job – and the boiler they installed for my sister (who lives in the North West) was great and they were even able to show her how much money could be saved off the energy bill too.