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‘My Energy Credit’ campaign to reunite customers with cash

The campaign first launched in September and aims to help consumers access any money they may be owed by a former energy supplier


Does your previous supplier owe you money?

Energy suppliers had already launched a website to help reunite customers with their money, however, have now gone one step further and created a phone number and Freepost address.

It is estimated that three million households in the UK are owed an average of £50 by former energy suppliers.

Energy UK, the trade body for the industry, has stated that millions have already been returned to customers due to the campaign.

Campaign spreads awareness

Lawrence Slade, the incoming Chief Executive of Energy UK, commented:  “This campaign aims to inform customers throughout the UK about money that might be owed to them by their previous energy supplier.

“Energy companies have long had systems in place to give back ‘energy credit’ to customers – this campaign spreads awareness and makes it easier for consumers to check whether they are owed money or not.”

‘People are more worried about energy bills than any other daily expense’

Speaking on the campaign, Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch, said: “The big six energy companies are at last taking big steps to reunite customers with money that is rightfully theirs. Our research shows that people are more worried about energy bills than any other daily expense and, with Christmas just around the corner and weather warnings on the horizon, consumers will be counting every penny.

“We urge consumers who think they may be owed money from closed accounts to contact their energy supplier. This campaign will help suppliers to regain consumer’s trust in the future and we urge the industry to continue their efforts to return money from closed accounts to customers.”

Contact details

My Energy Credit helpline:

0370 737 7770

My Energy Credit freepost address:

My Energy Credit
47 Aylesbury Road

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  • jackie johnson

    I have had prepayment metres in for 18 years snd i read somewhere that i have been paying too much for years is there anyway i can claim back this money. I have never been in debt on my metres