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DECC: ‘Power to Switch’ campaign helped UK save £38 million in one month

Department of Energy and Climate Change reports that the average savings was £312

power to switch

DECC Power to Switch campaign helps save millions

Figures released from DECC today indicate more than 100,000 households paid attention to the major campaign encouraging people to “be an energy shopper” and save up to hundreds per year on their gas and electricity bills.

The “Power to Switch” campaign launched in February 2015, and included television ads as well as printed ones across the UK. It focussed on raising awareness of savings to be gained from shopping around for the best energy deal using Ofgem accredited sites such as

According to DECC, 13.5 million households had never switched, which meant there were £2.7 billion in savings to be made.

Millions of pounds saved in one month

Four weeks on, DECC reports that 130,000 homes took up the call to switch energy and save, with the average dual fuel switch saving switchers £312 per year.

Ed Davey, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said of the campaign’s success:

“Our campaign has helped put millions of pounds back in people’s pockets – and thousands have benefitted.

“A huge increase in switching in a four week period shows that people want better deals from energy providers – and our reforms to the market have driven competition and made that possible.”

Consumers praised for tackling high energy costs ‘head-on’

Director of Consumer Policy, Ann Robinson was delighted to hear of the campaign’s final figures, and hoped the increased awareness of switching would lead to more competitiveness among suppliers:

“It’s fantastic to see more and more consumers tackling high energy costs head on by switching to more competitive deals. With over £340 a year difference between the cheapest tariff and the average big six standard deal, shopping around can significantly reduce sky-high bills.

“With more consumers switching, energy suppliers will have to up their game in order to attract and keep customers – by doing more to reduce prices and improve customer service.

“The success of DECC’s campaign underlines why increased consumer engagement in the energy market is at the heart of improving levels of competition.”

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  • John

    Sometimes it’s best to stay where you are as customer service is more improratnt to me. I also like to be with a British Company and know they are investing money into new jobs and the future energy.I understand price is a key componant and importnat to most people and I just wish all companies could charge the same prices and we would be with the one who sold themselves on customer services.

  • Fiona

    I don’t understand why people are reluctant to move. There aren’t any wholly British companies left; they are all owned by international shareholders. I can understand wanting good customer service, but you can achieve that at the same time as saving a huge amount of money.