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What would you do with an extra £416? — Updated

The uSwitch collective switch ends May 27th — it could fund this year’s holiday

uSwitch collective switch

Exclusive switch plan

uSwitch has secured its very own exclusive collective switch plan with big six supplier E.ON, bringing you the opportunity to afford more of the desirable things in life.

E.ON put forward the winning plan available to consumers who have a uSwitch account and switch before 27th May. This excellent tariff could be the cheapest on the market for a large base of medium usage consumers and save millions of households more than £400 on their energy bills.

It’s the perfect way for savvy consumers to easily cut out some excess expenditure without even having to shop around. With the average bill size of £876.21 the plan is perfect for consumers of dual fuel or electric only, and according to uSwitch could save up to a third on their bill with an average saving of £416 — for a year that’s around 3 coffees a week, 8 pairs of trainers, the price of a phone contract, or maybe that holiday you’ve been promising yourself for a while.

A plan that can’t be found anywhere else — not even from the supplier.

This exclusive deal is available until 27th May and can’t be found on other comparison sites, or even directly from the supplier. Once you’ve signed up there’s no obligation to switch, it just means you’re part of the collective for which this deal is available.

Never heard of a collective switch?

A collective switch simply means a third party negotiates a competitive energy deal on behalf of a group of consumers (a collective). This differs from the most common way of energy switching where someone finds a cheaper plan individually, specifically for their own home.

In collective switch auctions, energy providers bid to the third party (in this case uSwitch) for the opportunity to have their plan at the centre of a switch, which naturally means they’ll try to produce a very enticing deal for the particular collective they are pitching for (in this case, uSwitch account holders). The third party acts in the best interest of the collective, deciding which provider and deal suits the needs of the group.

uSwitch has done things slightly differently by allowing households to join the collective after the deal has been secured. This means you still have time to sign up for a uSwitch account.

So compare your current plan to the uSwitch exclusive collective switch plan now, and join fellow consumers in securing a better deal for your home.

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