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It’s here: the cheapest energy plan in over four years

cut £291 off your energy bill before the colder weather hits

uSwitch collective switch

uSwitch has launched an exclusive collective switch  — featuring the cheapest energy plan on the market.*

With an average annual bill of just £803, there hasn’t been a cheaper plan since 2011.

The best deal for customers

The plan was secured via a collective switch: uSwitch negotiated with energy suppliers to find the best deal for their ‘collective’ (customers of

The winning supplier who presented the plan most beneficial to uSwitch consumers was E.ON — ‘Large Supplier of the Year’ at the most recent uSwitch Awards.

Avoid a price hike and take a price cut

If your current plan finishes at the end of October, you are now eligible to switch supplier or plan and avoid any cancellation fees.

Cancellation fees attached to energy plans cannot be charged within the last 42 days of a plan’s fixed end date.

If you let your plan expire and don’t switch, you could be automatically rolled onto your current supplier’s standard variable tariff, which is often a lot more expensive than market-leading fixed plans.

If you’re on one of the following plans, then this uSwitch exclusive collective switch has come just in time for you to change your tariff and avoid being rolled onto a pricey standard plan, saving yourself from being overcharged for your energy.

Is your fixed plan one of these energy plans?

Supplier Plan End date Price increase from rollover plan

Extra Energy

Fresh Fixed Price Oct 2015 v2



First Utility

iSave Fixed October 2015 (v30)



Co-operative Energy

Fair & Square October 2015



Sainsbury’s Energy

Fixed Price October 2015




Online Fixed Price Energy October 2015




Fair & Square October 2015



Can you afford not to switch?

Even if your plan isn’t imminently coming to an end, you may not have cancellation fees, or you may still make significant savings even with paying them.

A big six standard energy plan, on average, costs a household £1,094 a year: this is a staggering 27% higher than the uSwitch exclusive collective switch price.

Tom Lyon, energy expert at, thinks this plan has come just in time for colder temperatures:

“With winter on the way, millions of consumers will be bracing themselves for higher energy bills so now is the perfect time to shop around for a cheaper tariff.

“Experts are forecasting a particularly cold winter this year, so switch now to start saving before temperatures plummet.”

The uSwitch collective switch plan is available until 3rd November 2015.

*uSwitch launches market’s cheapest energy tariff in over four years